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  • Cutting Cords Exercise - Clearing

    Cutting Cords Exercise - Clearing

    BY Kerrie Erwin, November 5th 2019

    Cutting Cords Cutting the Negative Cords Ritual Words by Kerrie Erwin, extract from Clearing (Rockpool Publishing, 2019) Your auric field is your psychic defence against energetic and environmental factors. A strong, resilient auric field keeps you feeling healthy, confident, safe and nu...

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  • Goddess Dream Oracle Review

    Goddess Dream Oracle Review

    BY ShuffleTarot, October 31st 2019

    Right on the lands of magickal stories and imagination is an artist whose works adorn the celebrations of Goddess Retreats and Festivals, and through her creativity birthed the latest card deck... Goddess Dream Oracle by Author and Artist Wendy Andrew, explores the various faces and powers o...

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  • Goddess Dream Oracle Walkthrough

    Goddess Dream Oracle Walkthrough

    BY Nanami Tarot, October 23rd 2019

    Wild, powerful and enchating. The vision of the Goddess is as ancient as the oldest myths across various cultures around the world and today, psychic seer Nanami Tarot unveils the latest card deck offering by Rockpool Publishing, the Goddess Dream Oracle Cards by Wendy Andrew. Watch the clip...

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  • Magickal Herb Oracle Review

    Magickal Herb Oracle Review

    BY Sementes da Alma, October 21st 2019

    Are you a native of Portuguese? Then you'll love this review of Cheralyn Darcey's Magickal Herb Oracle with Natasha, of Sementes da Alma. Walk through the realm of magickal herbs and their botanical and spiritual language. Discover rare and modern herbs and invite the language of the...

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  • Goddess Dream Oracle IN ESPAÑOL

    Goddess Dream Oracle IN ESPAÑOL

    BY Arabela Jade Tarot, October 13th 2019

    Calling all native spanish tongues, we have a brilliant first look-through of the Goddess Dream Oracle by author and artist, Wendy Andrew in español. Guided by the beautiful intuition and words of psychic seer, Arabela Jade, we explore the captivating paintings and messages of Wen...

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  • Saints & Mystics Review in Español

    Saints & Mystics Review in Español

    BY Arabela Jade Tarot, October 11th 2019

    May you hear the call of the saints and mystics and invoke their engeries into your life.... Calling out to all the spanish tongues, we have a fantastic review of the familiar and exciting Saints and Mystics Reading Cards by author , Andrés Engracia and Illus...

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