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BelindaGrace is one of Australia's most popular Clairvoyant Healers, authors and presenters. She presents seminars, workshops, and courses in Australia, New Zealand and the USA. Her first book 'You Are Clairvoyant' is a best-seller and has been published in the USA and Italy.

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  • FLORASPHERE OPENING by the author

    FLORASPHERE OPENING by the author

    BY Cheralyn Darcey, October 1st 2015

    The author of the Florasphere Colouring books, Cheralyn Darcey open the preview copies of the book ...

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  • Florasphere Colouring Book comes to life

    Florasphere Colouring Book comes to life

    BY Cheralyn Darcey, September 9th 2015

    Cheralyn Darcey Thrifty Coloring In  ...

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  • How Integrative Medicine Could Really Help You

    How Integrative Medicine Could Really Help You

    BY Dr Cris Beer, September 7th 2015

    The field of integrative medicine is a growing one with more and more general practitioners seeking to incorporate a blend of evidence-based complementary and conventional medicine practices. For this reason patients benefit from the best of both worlds and no longer have to choose between comple...

    read more …

  • The do-able detox - Healthy Habits

    The do-able detox - Healthy Habits

    BY Dr Cris - Body + Soul, September 7th 2015

    Your liver is your body’s key detox organ and is essential to feeling well. Rockpool Publishing author and holistic GP Dr Cris Beer explains how to look after it without giving up everything on the menu As well as removing toxins from the body, the liver processes nutrients from food an...

    read more …

  • Indigenous Literacy Day 2015

    Indigenous Literacy Day 2015

    BY Indigenous Literacy Day, August 31st 2015

    Rockpool Publishing will be donating all profits from our online sales on Wednesday 02 September to Indigenous Literacy Day 2015 so the Indigenous Literacy Foundation can provide books to remote communities throughout Australia.  For more information on the day go to http://www.indigeno...

    read more …

  • Ford - Australian Muscle Car history

    Ford - Australian Muscle Car history

    BY The Daily Telegraph, August 24th 2015

    From the GT-HO to the XC Cobra, Ford’s decade of race-ready Falcons part of Aussie muscle car history.   THE 1970s marked a golden era for Australian motoring, and it gave life to one of our most iconic muscle cars — the Ford Falcon XY GT-HO Phase III. Beloved the se...

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October 2015

Frankfurt Book Fair - Oct 2015
Frankfurt, Germany
Wed 14th, 9am-5pm
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Astrology Secrets of the Moon Book Launch
27-31 Fletcher St, Byron Bay
Fri 16th, 5.30pm
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