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  • Oracle Deck Review: Angel Reading Cards

    Oracle Deck Review: Angel Reading Cards

    BY BOHEMIANESS, December 10th 2016

    Angel Reading Cards is a gorgeous oracle deck by Australian psychic Debbie Malone. The beautiful photo-realism illustrations are done by Amalia I. Chitulescu. The Cards The deck contains 36 large cards, measuring approximately 3.75" x 5.5". They are housed in a nice sturdy box whi...

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  • Cosmic Reading Cards Review

    Cosmic Reading Cards Review

    BY Imogen Waters, November 10th 2016

    Watch the fantasic Cosmic Reading Cards Review by Imogen Waters Imogen's You Tube Imogen's ETSY Shop ...

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  • Charkra Reading Cards Reviewed

    Charkra Reading Cards Reviewed

    BY The New Age Hipster, November 7th 2016

    Thanks to The New Age Hipster for her wonderful review of the Chakra Reading Cards ...

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  • Doin' Time with Reader's Digest

    Doin' Time with Reader's Digest

    BY , September 29th 2016

    Flipping through the pages of the latest Reader's Digest magazine and we've spotted our very own Doin' Time title under the selected Book Reviews section! "The personal stories of nine Australian men whose early lives were marred by abuse, an absence of joy or encouragement...

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  • Doin' Time Introduction

    Doin' Time Introduction

    BY Whitelion Charity, September 9th 2016

    This is clip about the Doin' Time book and an introduction to some of the people involved in the books. Whitelion helps young people find the courage to seek a better future and aims to break the cycle of substance abuse, criminal activity and incarceration by providing young people at ri...

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  • Why I wrote my book 'Healthy Habits'

    Why I wrote my book 'Healthy Habits'

    BY Dr Cris, August 9th 2016

    If you have ever longed to be healthy, have lots of energy, and be comfortable with your body weight, then, Healthy Habits, 52 ways to better health was written with you in mind and countless other individuals I have had the pleasure of professionally helping over the years. Their stories, perhap...

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