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Steve Normoyle

Steve Normoyle

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Steve Normoyle is the Editor of Motorsport News, long time motorsport enthusiast and journalist and has over 10 years experience as a motoring and motorsport journalist.

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  • What is an Aura?

    What is an Aura?

    BY Debbie Malone - Extract from AwakenYour PSYCHIC ABILITY, April 20th 2016

    THE WORD AURA originates from a Greek word meaning breeze or air (air emanating from the body). The Aura is connected to our subtle body and it surrounds us like a force field. While our Chakra’s contain the seven colours of the rainbow within the body our Aura contains the seven colours of...

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  • 'Healthy Liver' by Dr Cris Beer Exclusive First Review

    'Healthy Liver' by Dr Cris Beer Exclusive First Review

    BY Monique , April 19th 2016

    Healthy Liver is reviewed by Monique, member of staff at Sutherland Library, NSW. "Healthy Liver by Dr Cris Beer is an accessible, interesting and very readable book about your Liver. It’s a great way to learn about liver health within being directive or boring. Dr Cris...

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  • Small publisher spotlight: Rockpool Publishing

    Small publisher spotlight: Rockpool Publishing

    BY Books + Publishing, April 13th 2016

    Sydney-based Rockpool Publishing was established in 2006 and specialises in health, recreation and family titles. Publishing director Lisa Hanrahan spoke to Books+Publishing for our ‘small publisher spotlight’ series: Describe your company in under 50 words. Rockpool Publishin...

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  • Witches and Wizards Reviewed

    Witches and Wizards Reviewed

    BY Nathan Ho, March 7th 2016

    "Witches and Wizards" by Lucy Cavendish, presents an enchanted insight into some of the most influential and inspiring people who lived and led a life of magick, mystery and intrigue. The book sheds light onto the magickal path and some of its most influential and controversial people a...

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  • Flower Reading Cards reviewed

    Flower Reading Cards reviewed

    BY New Age Hipster, February 23rd 2016

    OMG you HAVE to get these incredibly beautiful and accurate cards by Cheralyn Darcey into your life right NOW! Flower Reading Cards Reviewed by the New Age Hipster.  For more information and updates on the New Age Hipster go to: http...

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  • Lucy Cavendish appears live on Studio 10

    Lucy Cavendish appears live on Studio 10

    BY Channel 10 , February 12th 2016

    Lucy Cavendish live on Studio 10 to promote her latest book Witches and Wizards ...

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