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  • Heal Yourself Reading Cards Unboxing

    Heal Yourself Reading Cards Unboxing

    BY Elizabeth Cooper, July 13th 2018

    There is beauty in the deep, and with our Heal Yourself Reading Cards, there are so many people still gaining rich wisdom and messages from the oracle cards, by Inna Segal. "I was drawn to the Heal Yourself Reading Cards for their promise of transformative soul healing energy, and I hav...

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  • Blue Messiah Reading Cards Review

    Blue Messiah Reading Cards Review

    BY Truth In Story, July 1st 2018

    The lovely and worldly Truth In Story mixes two oracle decks and compares both, the 2016 Cosmic Reading Cards and the upcoming Blue Messiah Reading Cards, out this month and lays out her thoughts. Take a moment and pause to see the artful delight and inrigue of the latest oracle deck by Arti...

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  • Enchanted Spell Oracle Walkthough

    Enchanted Spell Oracle Walkthough

    BY Truth In Story, June 25th 2018

    Grab a cup of herbal tea or cocoa, sit down and listen to an insightfully engrossing walkthrough of the Enchanted Spell Oracle by arist and author, Priestess Moon, recently released throughout the US last month. Discover the eclectic world of Priestess Moon and the fascinating world of ancie...

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  • Blue Messiah Reading Cards Unboxing Review

    Blue Messiah Reading Cards Unboxing Review

    BY MavenUnmasked, June 20th 2018

    Calling all starseeds and cosmic energy healers, we have a brand-new oracle deck coming to your bookshelves soon. Are you ready for it?! Check out the lovely MavenUnmasked as she unboxes a sneak-peek look at the upcoming Blue Messiah Reading Cards by Nari Anastarsia. To follow more of M...

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  • Saltwater Reading Cards review

    Saltwater Reading Cards review

    BY The Bohemianess, June 11th 2018

    The unique Saltwater Reading Cards revolve specifically around the saltwater flora and fauna life of Indigenous Australia. The deck was created by Laura Bowen and is published by Rockpool Publishing. The Cards The deck and book come housed in a lovely, sturdy outer box that opens magnet...

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  • Book Review of Shadows: Gods & Goddesses by Gabiann Marin

    Book Review of Shadows: Gods & Goddesses by Gabiann Marin

    BY The Fat Femininist Witch, June 5th 2018

    “Over the millennia Gods and Goddesses have taken on many forms, have given great gifts and unleashed furious punishments on those who worshipped and angered them. This book introduces the main gods and goddesses of the past; their myths, rituals and how they have influenced modern popular ...

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