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  • Crystal Grid Secrets Reveal

    Crystal Grid Secrets Reveal

    BY Nicola McIntosh, December 20th 2019

    Grab a cup of warm tea and sit down with Nicola McIntosh and unwrap the first look at her debut book, Crystal Grid Secrets. Tune in to hear her inspirations, thoughts and ideas for the book and what it offers! Crystal Grid Secrets is OUT NOW.   To follow the author visit: spi...

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  • Mists of Avalon Oracle Review

    Mists of Avalon Oracle Review

    BY Earthly Shai Tarot, December 8th 2019

    Put on your knights armour and climb on your horse, we're off to Avalon! Intuitive reader Shauna of Earthly Shai Tarot reveals her first look and reaction to the Mists of Avalon Oracle by Rose Inserra. Shauna walks through each card and shows the artists' vision of the enchanted la...

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  • Goddess Dream Oracle Review

    Goddess Dream Oracle Review

    BY Cherise Williams, December 7th 2019

    Take a look at the honest and insightful unboxing of our latest 'Goddess Dream Oracle' reviewed by intuitive reader, Cherise Williams. Cherise draws each out and explains how she personally works with the deck and how effective the oracle depicts the vision of the Goddess as Maiden,...

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  • Halloween Witches' Box with Making Magick

    Halloween Witches' Box with Making Magick

    BY June Mermaid, November 15th 2019

    Unlock a treasure chest of spellbinding charms as we discover a subscription box offering by 'The Witches Moon' for their Halloween special, supplied by our US distributors at Red Wheel Weiser. As we see the curated gifts  in this exciting unravel, we were excited to see our 'Mak...

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  • Cutting Cords Exercise - Clearing

    Cutting Cords Exercise - Clearing

    BY Kerrie Erwin, November 5th 2019

    Cutting Cords Cutting the Negative Cords Ritual Words by Kerrie Erwin, extract from Clearing (Rockpool Publishing, 2019) Your auric field is your psychic defence against energetic and environmental factors. A strong, resilient auric field keeps you feeling healthy, confident, safe and nu...

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  • Goddess Dream Oracle Review

    Goddess Dream Oracle Review

    BY ShuffleTarot, October 31st 2019

    Right on the lands of magickal stories and imagination is an artist whose works adorn the celebrations of Goddess Retreats and Festivals, and through her creativity birthed the latest card deck... Goddess Dream Oracle by Author and Artist Wendy Andrew, explores the various faces and powers o...

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