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  • Crystal Grid Oracle Unboxing

    Crystal Grid Oracle Unboxing

    BY Maven Unmasked, November 23rd 2018

    Unlock your inner crystal manifestor and bring forth your healing abilities through the simplicity and power of teh Crystal Grid Oracle by Nicola McIntosh. High Vibe Intuitive, Ariel at Maven Unmasked, shuffles through the new oracle deck and shares her thoughts, musings and inspirations thr...

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  • An Interview with Sandy Macken

    An Interview with Sandy Macken

    BY Carpe Librum, November 9th 2018

    Sandy Macken is the author of Paramedic - One Woman's 20 Years on the Front Line and she joins me today to chat about her memoir, her career as a paramedic and her reading habits. Thanks for joining us Sandy. What was the most challenging part of writing your memoir Paramedic? Sandy: ...

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  • Sea Melodies Unboxing

    Sea Melodies Unboxing

    BY Flutter & Sprout, November 1st 2018

    Intuitive mentor and reader Elizabeth Cooper of Flower & Sprout is passionate about tarot and intuitive messages, and whose life’s work is helping women rediscover who they are… not as their roles: mom, daughter, friend… but in their souls. Today Flutter & Sprout ...

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  • Queen of the Moon | Walk-through review

    Queen of the Moon | Walk-through review

    BY The Truth In Story, October 24th 2018

    Pour yourself a cup of warm tea, sit down with a blanket and take in this special walkthrough of the latest Queen of the Moon Oracle by Stacey Demarco. Truth In Story delves into the signs, symbols and meanings to this stunning oracle deck that draws down the energy and mystery of the moon f...

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  • Review - Always with you: Messages from Beyond

    Review - Always with you: Messages from Beyond

    BY Janet Mawdesley - Blue Wolf Reviews, September 26th 2018

    Popular Psychic Debbie Malone in her latest book Always With You, looks into love beyond death with a collection of beautiful stories from her clients, along with personal experiences to bring comfort to those who have loved and lost friends precious members of their families. On the passing...

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  • Queen of the Moon Oracle Review

    Queen of the Moon Oracle Review

    BY Maven Unmasked, September 17th 2018

    Hey there, Moonchild! Check out this beauty, the Queen of the Moon Oracle review from Maven Unmasked! A special treat for those who have this deck on pre-order, here is a VERY EXCITING SNEAK PEEK look at the cards before their October Au release. Written by Stacey Demarco, Australia's ...

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