2023 Horoscopes

365 daily predictions for every zodiac sign


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Published: Aug/22 (AU/NZ), Sep/22 (US), Sep/22 (UK)

This is the only horoscope book you'll need next year! A complete astrological guide with inspiring and motivational forecasts for 2023 so you can be well prepared for the year ahead. Discover how to best navigate your opportunities and reach your full potential. Includes daily horoscope predictions for all signs; what you can expect; and the ideal days to attract wealth, love, success and more. Plus, this book also includes a yearly overview of your love life, money, home life, career and health.

Predictions include key dates for 2023 moon phases, new and full moons, equinoxes, supermoons and eclipses and what these mean personally for your sign.
You will find out more about your compatibility with other sun signs, your ascendant sign and moon sign.
Easy-to-read energy charts are also included, showing where to put your focus each month for the best results.
Patsy Bennett is a leading Australian astrologer who has been practising astrology for over 24 years.

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ISBN: 9781922579669

Published: Aug/22 (AU/NZ), Sep/22 (US), Sep/22 (UK)

Format: Paperback

Extent: 464 pages


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