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Angel Reading Cards:
When you believe in Angels, anything is possible

Author: Debbie Malone and Amalia Chitulescu

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Angel Reading Cards by Australian Psychic of the Year, Debbie Malone, comprises a beautiful collection of Angels to help you tackle any situation; from the Angel of Travel, Angel of Fertility, Angel of Detoxification, Angel of Enlightenment to the Bully Prevention Angel. The accompanying booklet takes you through the meaning behind each card, and how best to utilise your Angels.

Debbie happily says that Angels are amongst us. We as earthly beings sometimes become too caught up with our daily lives that we forget that other realms exist around us.

In an age where we are faced with daily challenges from forces that appear to be out of our control, Angel Reading Cards help us to connect to a higher realm and seek the assistance we need in our everyday lives.

Debbie Malone

Debbie Malone
2013 Australian Psychic of the Year


Sydney-based Debbie Malone is an acclaimed and highly respected psychic, clairvoyant, psychometry expert and spirit medium. Debbie assists Australia-wide police departments with great success to solve murder investigations and missing persons. Her invaluable assistance with the police on both cold cases and active investigations have proved uncannily accurate. Debbie specialises in Paranormal Spirit Photography and in 2013, she was awarded as the Australian Psychic of the Year. Debbie Malone’s schedule includes numerous print, television and radio interviews, private readings and workshops on how to attune to the spirit world.

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Amalia Chitulescu

Amalia Chitulescu
Artist, Illustrator


Amalia Iuliana Chitulescu, is a digital artist from Campina, Romania.  Raised in a small town, this self-taught artist has a technique which is delineated by the contrast between obscurity and enlightenment, using dark elements in a dreamy world. For Amalia, there is no limit to her ability to encapsulate mood and vision into a unique, well-rendered image. Her areas of expertise include the use of theatrical concepts to create a macabre and surrealistic world that still maintains a highly recognizable attachment to reality.

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  • Angel Reading Card Review - US Edition

    Angel Reading Card Review - US Edition


    Angel Reading Card Review - US Edition review by Tracey HD For more information on Tracey HD go to https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCF-dyxWs0XgSV8dGmSpRHrQ

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  • Oracle Deck Review: Angel Reading Cards

    Oracle Deck Review: Angel Reading Cards


    Angel Reading Cards is a gorgeous oracle deck by Australian psychic Debbie Malone. The beautiful photo-realism illustrations are done by Amalia I. Chitulescu. The Cards The deck contains 36 large cards, measuring approximately 3.75" x 5.5". They are housed in a nice sturdy box which has a magnetic closure. There is a plastic insert with an indentation for the cards to sit in. Since the cards are so big, they are difficult to riffle shuffle normally.

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  • Angel Reading Cards Review

    Angel Reading Cards Review


    Debbie Malone is one of the most unpretentious and inspiring people currently working on the Sydney spiritual scene, and I have been blessed enough to work with her on a couple of occasions over the years. Her gentle energy, quiet confidence and always-loving messages come through her work with the angels, and over the years Debbie has written about her angelic messengers and created ways in which everyday people might also be able to work with them. In her latest deck of reading cards Debbie has manifested an exquisite display of Angelic energy, and anyone who uses the Angel Reading Cards will, from the very first time they open them, recognise the powerful mystical energy that informs them.

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  • Angel Reading Cards Reviewed

    Angel Reading Cards Reviewed


    Angel Reading Cards Reviewed by the New Age Hipster.  For more information and updates on the New Age Hipster go to: https://www.facebook.com/newagehipster333 http://www.newagehipster.co/

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