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Anna Stark

Anna Stark is a professional Psychic/Medium and Energy Specialist. She began her love for reading tarot at age 15, and would sense spirit constantly throughout her readings. Growing up in country New South Wales, Australia, Anna would often receive psychic messages about people, events and places during her childhood. In a search to understand her own unique abilities, she found a love for all things paranormal, developing a love for history and sociological understanding.

In an effort to heal her own stress, panic attacks and anxiety in her early 20’s, Anna began to explore natural methods of healing. Anna was able to heal her own physical and emotional issues and soon it became a passion, later becoming a Reiki Master and Teacher in the healing modalities of Usui, Seichem and Angelic Reiki®, later becoming a Kinesiologist.

Loved by clients and students, her realistic, down to earth nature provides compassion, understanding and personal mentoring. Anna’s soul purpose is to empower others so they can realise their unlimited potential. It is her primary mission to motivate others into higher states of consciousness through self-development, knowledge and spiritual understanding.

Anna’s life mission is to educate, creating awareness about our minds healing potential, intuition, energy and our conscious being. Anna presents seminars, workshops and courses in Australia for those seeking transformation in their health and wellbeing, spiritual development, consciousness, channeling and self-mastery.


  • Bachelor of Arts, Major History and Sociology (BArts)
  • BTeach (Sec)
  • Angelic Reiki ®MT
  • Usui MT
  • Sechiem MT
  • Kinesiologist

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  • Sacred Spirit Reading Cards Unboxing

    Sacred Spirit Reading Cards Unboxing


    Maven Unmasked is back again with a new year of oracle reviews and first impression insights, starting with the upcoming Sacred Spirit Cards by Anna Stark and illustrated by Louis Dyer. Following on from their debut Sacred Power Reading Cards, Anna and Louis go deeper with spiritual messages and subliminal art in Sacred Spirit Reading cards as Maven reveals the beautiful cards and jam-packed guidebook. SACRED SPIRIT READING CARDS are available April 2019.

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  • Sacred Power Reading Cards - French Review

    Sacred Power Reading Cards - French Review


    Les forces de Guérison: Review Calling all Parisian beauties! Due to the enormous requests we are excited to share that the Sacred Power Reading Cards by Anna Stark are now officially available in the French language! From the spectacularly mesmerizing illustrations by Louis Dyer, who can't get enough of these energies?! Check out the review by local mystic and tarot reader, "Murmures de Gaïa" (Whispers of Gaia).

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