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Auset Egyptian Oracle Cards:
Ancient Egyptian Divination & Alchemy Cards

Author: Elisabeth Jensen

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These beautiful 44 cards and guidebook give you access to the magical powers and sacred wisdom of Auset, Mother Goddess of Healing and Prophecy. Also known as Isis, who is the most loved of all the Egyptian Goddesses, Auset has imbued these cards with her divine intuition so you will always find them highly accurate and reliable for personal or professional readings.

All the major Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt also offer their wisdom and guidance to you through the beautiful artwork of renowned Spiritual Artist Marie Klement and the spiritually inspired writing of Elisabeth Jensen, International Teacher of Auset Temple Healing plus Triple Award Winning Psychic. Elisabeth is also author of the popular Isis Lotus Oracle Cards and her strong connection to the Divinities comes from leading many Sacred Journeys to Egypt.

Elisabeth Jensen

Elisabeth Jensen


ELISABETH JENSEN is a gifted spiritual healer, medical intuitive, psychic medium, Archangel and Divinity Channel and mystic who was blessed to have a sudden spiritual awakening in early 1992 when she spontaneously received a miracle healing by an Angel. Long standing major physical and emotional problems disappeared in his bright white light and she overnight became a remarkable clairvoyant and healer. Her partner received a dramatic physical healing at the same time, so although Elisabeth had no understanding of psychics or healers she was forced to start researching spontaneous healings and the spirit world.  Elisabeth trained as a Registered Nurse, Midwife and Community Health Nurse.

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    Auset Egyptian Oracle Review | Shuffle Tarot


    Walk through the sacred tombs of the Pharaohs, uncover the secret teachings written on the walls, be mesmerized by the power and beauty of Egyptian ledgeds of time... Intuitive reader Nina of Shuffle Tarot pulls back the stones to the chamber of secrets and unveils the wisdom within the Auset Egyptian Oracle Cards, written by Australia's most respected spiritual-channeller and author Elisabeth Jensen and beautifully Illustrated by Marie Klement. For more information on the oracle set visit: www.rockpoolpublishing.com.au/auset-egyptian-oracle-cards For more info on Elisabeth Jensen visit: www.elisabethjensen.com.au To see more of Marie, visit: www.marieklement.com.au Watch more reviews and follow Intuitive reviewer Shuffle Tarot at: www.facebook.com/Shuffle-Tarot #RockpoolPublishing #AusetEgyptianOracleCards #OracleCardReadings #ElisabethJensen

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