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Buddhism Reading Cards:
Wisdom for Peace Love and Happiness

Author: Sofan Chan

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The Buddhism Reading Cards are designed as an easy and simple introduction to the fundamental teachings of Buddhism in a fun and practical way. Each card represents one fundamental, core principal of Buddhism.The cards are simple to use, each containing a wisdom that, like a glimmer of light, brings healing, direction and inspiration to your life. The peaceful Buddha image helps the wisdom to flow easily, gently penetrating your mind and spirit.

By choosing the card that you most connect with, you can easily open up a way to positively communicate with your subconscious mind. You will find that the cards shine new light on situations by inviting inner solutions that come easily from the energy, creativity and intelligence found within your own, deep being.

The deck comprises 36 cards in total and is divided into four sections; truth, purity, contemplation and cultivation. .

Sofan Chan

Sofan Chan
Author, Artist


Sofan was born and spent her formative years in Hong Kong, a place of great cultural diversity, high population density and a fast pace of living. Her love of art brought her to study advanced western painting techniques at The School of Art Institute of Chicago in the USA, before finally settling with her partner Rochman Reese in Australia. Her paintings have an easily recognisable, unique style filled with vibrant, happy colours and flowing lines.

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  • Buddhism Reading Card

    Buddhism Reading Card


    Buddhism Reading Card Video Review by New Age Hipster For more information and updates on the New Age Hipster go to: https://www.facebook.com/newagehipster333 http://www.newagehipster.co/

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  • Buddhism Reading Card Reviewed

    Buddhism Reading Card Reviewed


    It is with great pleasure that I have been asked to do a review of these cards since I have been following Sofan’s work for several years and have seen her artworks develop from canvas to print to a set of reading cards. The Buddhism Reading Cards have been developed around different principles of Buddhism and as the cards are broken into four categories, each card offers a journey of its own that relates to different aspects of Buddhism. To engage with these cards and to apply the wisdom and the understandings from these cards does not mean that one has to be Buddhist in order to use, understand, apply and benefit from using these cards.

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  • Buddhism Reading Cards Introduction

    Buddhism Reading Cards Introduction


    Sofan Chan, author of the Buddhism Reading Cards introducing the cards and how a simple reading can be done with the cards.

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