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Christine Li, MD, studied sinology and medicine before spending five years studying traditional Chinese medicine in Shanghai and Peking. She works as a doctor and writer in Hong Kong, Hamburg and Santa Fe.

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  • Publishers Weekly USA reviews The Path of the Empress

    Publishers Weekly USA reviews The Path of the Empress


    The Path of the Empress: How to Free Your Feminine Power (Rockpool Publishing, 9781925017519) was positively reviewed on November 23, 2015 on Publishers Weekly’s (567,387 uvpm) Web-Exclusive Reviews. The complete review follows: Li and Krautwald draw on traditional Chinese medicine and the life of Wu Zhao (624–705), China's only female monarch, to create an unusual self-help book. The authors cast the reader in the empowering role of empress of her own life, then lead her through 10 major life stages, including the Prophecy (innate essence), the Monastic Years (the inward path), Strategy and Power (discovery of hidden desires), and Wisdom and Completion (connecting with the cosmos.) At the beginning of each chapter, the authors recount part of Wu Zhao's life story.

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  • The Path of the Empress Reviewed

    The Path of the Empress Reviewed


    This entire exploration of the feminine power is based on the life of Wu Zhao, the only woman to ever officially rule China. Her rule led to many changes and developments in China which were deemed as extremely radical at the time, many of which are now considered a normal component of life and times in modern and ancient China. She was born in Sichuan in the year 624, being cared for by her Mother and a nurse.

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