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Your guide to maintaining energy

Author: Kerrie Erwin

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Feeling Blocked? Tired? Unsettled?

Clearing could help you transform your life, clear negative energies around your home and usher in the positivity and wellbeing you have been yearning for. Kerrie Erwin, one of Australia’s best loved psychic
healer and spirit medium, guides you through an array of practical and useful exercises to help you create and
maintain positive, creative energy within your home and workplace.

* Learn to clear negative energies in spaces; which can make you feel tired, rundown or unhappy.
* Practical tips peppered with Authors’ own spiritual experiences and growth as a Medium
* Expand energetic positivity and wellness in both your body and your environment.
* Protect your newfound energy from negative forces or people around you.
* Create lasting ritual practices to strengthen your home’s energy
* Learn to sense, read and heal energy in places wherever you go

Packed with easy to follow rituals and useful advice on using spiritual tools such as sage, incense and essential oils, plus peppered with Kerrie’s own unique cases and amazing experiences, this book is a must have for anyone wanting to create an uplifting, happy environment for themselves and their loved ones. 

Kerrie Erwin

Kerrie Erwin
Author, Psychic Medium


Sydney-based Psychic Medium Kerrie has lived between two worlds since childhood and is able to see and hear spirit people talking. Realizing her true calling when she was very young, she now works professionally as a spiritual medium and clairvoyant, working with spirit rescue, hauntings and connecting people to loved ones that have passed over into the spirit world. Kerrie also teaches metaphysics, reads tarot cards and works with Feng Shui. She is trained in spiritual hypnotherapies and past-life regression.

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  • Cutting Cords Exercise - Clearing

    Cutting Cords Exercise - Clearing


    Cutting Cords Cutting the Negative Cords Ritual Words by Kerrie Erwin, extract from Clearing (Rockpool Publishing, 2019) Your auric field is your psychic defence against energetic and environmental factors. A strong, resilient auric field keeps you feeling healthy, confident, safe and nurtured. If the field is blocked or diminished by negative feelings or outside energies, this can lead to feelings of low self-esteem, meaninglessness, dissatisfaction, unhappiness, regret and depression. In severe cases it can result in physical ailments and diseases.

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