Cosmic Reading Cards x 100 copies

By: Nari Anastarsia


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Special Sale 100 set of cosmic reading cards  (5 cartons) to Japan inclusive of freight

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About The Author

Nari Anastarsia

Nari Anastarsia

Author, Illustrator, Spirit Guide

As an Intuitive Spiritual Guide, and Artist, Nari is driven to assist others remember their own unique creative light. Nari is a qualified Complimentary Therapist, Holistic Counsellor, Reiki and Spiritual Healer, with a strong focus on Ancient Shamanic Practices.

Working in unison with the spirit of Mother Earth she invokes a universal energy that is sacred and ancient. Acting as a conduit for this healing energy, Nari expresses herself through creative endeavours that touch the soul and awaken the heart. Her focus is on women awakening their Goddess energy, but her work more broadly applies to awakening the feminine energy within all.

Each artwork holds a high vibration that invokes women to remember who they are; to step up and embrace their worth. It reminds men of the softer energy of love & compassion they also hold within themselves.

By harnessing this sacred energy, and expressing its healing power through her creative pursuits, she inspires courage to follow one’s own path.

“Inspiration for my artworks comes from dreams, visions and personal experiences that have literally transformed my life to one of personal freedom and empowered self-expression”

Guided by spirit, Nari walks in harmony with the universal energies of love, light, truth and compassion. It is in this sacred space of love that she has brought about the creation of Cosmic Reading Cards.

Endowed with the highest energy of love and pure intentions, these awe inspiring cards activate ones soul to the remembrance of their true magnificence and unlimited creative potential.

“It is my sincere hope that through these visionary art works, you will be invoked and inspired to be all that you truly are; a Limitless, Creative Spiritual being guided by your own pure divine heart.

You can find out more about Nari and view her paintings at

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