Crystal Grid Oracle

Spiritual guidance using nature's tools

By: Nicola McIntosh


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The Crystal Grid Oracle, a tool to aid spiritual growth, will change the way you use and work with crystals and gemstones forever. It opens your consciousness to the medicine of sacred geometry and connects your spirit to the intimacy of natures precious gifts.

Discover the symbols to connect with the pure crystal source of abundance, ancient knowledge, passion and deep healing. By unveiling real energies, you can harness and create real magic within your life. It helps you tune into your intuition through using the beautiful gifts of nature and accessing the wisdom of the spirit within the stone.

Awaken the healer within and tune into your intuition as you access the wisdom of crystal grids.

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ISBN: 9781925682601

Published: Nov/18 (AU/NZ), Nov/18 (US), Nov/18 (UK)

Format: Slipcase

Extent: 36 pages

About The Author

Nicola McIntosh

Nicola McIntosh

Crystal Healer

Nicola McIntosh is an artist, herbalist and a practitioner of Celtic shamanism. She has always felt a connection to crystals – they speak to her and she understands them. She feels that their communication is in an energetic manner and is humbled and honoured to have this connection and wants to share it with a wider audience.

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Crystal Grid Oracle Unboxing

Crystal Grid Oracle Unboxing

Unlock your inner crystal manifestor and bring forth your healing abilities through the simplicity and power of teh Crystal Grid Oracle by Nicola McIntosh. High Vibe Intuitive, Ariel at Maven Unmasked, shuffles through the new oracle deck and shares her thoughts, musings and inspirations through the cards.

New Release Cards: Crystal Grid Oracle

New Release Cards: Crystal Grid Oracle

🌿 Awaken the healer within and tune into your intuition as you access nature's wisdom through the power of the Crystal Grid Oracle by Nicola McIntosh 🌿 Please give a warm welcome to our new author, Nicola McIntosh, as we celebrate the upcoming November release of her first deck with Rockpool Publishing, the 39;Crystal Grid Oracle'.