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Deer Dandy aka Céline Le Nezet is a French artist from Brittany and passionate about all things vintage. She graduated with a Diplôme National Supérieur d’Expression Plastique with honours after five years in EESAB in Quimper. She questioned identity and the power of images through the medium of photography and video performance. After graduation, she started to express herself more freely and got commissioned works from abroad for clothes illustrations and books covers.

Fond of vintage imagery, old film's monsters, and ex votos, she uses antique engravings, paintings and images, from botanical and anatomical plates to Bouguereau’s painting, to create mythological creatures, monsters and illustrations between digital and traditional.

Fascinated by the sacred symbolism, she reuse its terms to give her creations some mystical feel. She sees her art like a catharsis and try to express life, death and its fascinating scary mystery. Nothing is definite, there’s always a renewal lying there somewhere in her art. She loves her cats, birds, butterflies, plants, ancient cameras and finds beauty in decay. And when she quits her den, you will find her loosing herself in the alleys of museums or antic churches, sniffing the dusty air and looking at pretty, gilded icons a bit too close. 


  • National Higher Diploma of Plastic Expression (DNSEP)

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