Doin' Time

Everyone deserves a second chance

By: Rachel Porter


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This book is about the ones who ended up in prison, the ones who had been abused or taken away from their families, who had given up on society.

Doin Time  tells the stories of nine men who came from troubled and turbulent backgrounds who got offered a second chance and grabbed it. Many of them now work with vulnerable young people, to give back, as mentors or welfare officers, motivational speakers and community leaders.

Everyone deserves a second chance.

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ISBN: 9781925429213

Published: Sep/16 (AU/NZ)

Format: A format Paperback

Dimensions: 234 mm  x  153 mm

Extent: 272 pages

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About The Author

Rachel Porter

Rachel Porter


Rachel Porter is general manager of Whitelion, a charity supporting thousands of vulnerable young people across Australia. She is on the board of Family Access Network and is an Australia Day Ambassador. She has been involved in the not-for-profit sector for over 20 years, working with various children’s causes, including World Reconciliation Day events with Nelson Mandela. Rachel has been recognised for her charity work as a finalist in the 2009 Australian of the Year awards and receiving the Patch Adams Humanitarian of the Year award in 1999

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Doin' Time with Reader's Digest

Doin' Time with Reader's Digest

Flipping through the pages of the latest Reader's Digest magazine and we've spotted our very own Doin' Time title under the selected Book Reviews section! The personal stories of nine Australian men whose early lives were marred by abuse, an absence of joy or encouragement and a lack of stability make compelling reading.

Doin' Time Introduction

Doin' Time Introduction

This is clip about the Doin' Time book and an introduction to some of the people involved in the books. Whitelion helps young people find the courage to seek a better future and aims to break the cycle of substance abuse, criminal activity and incarceration by providing young people at risk with opportunities to make links and build relationships with the community with education and employment opportunities.