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Doin' Time with Reader's Digest

Flipping through the pages of the latest Reader's Digest magazine and we've spotted our very own Doin' Time title under the selected Book Reviews section!

"The personal stories of nine Australian men whose early lives were marred by abuse, an absence of joy or encouragement and a lack of stability make compelling reading. But, despite the odds, these men did get a second chance, and, through their own tenacity and with the help of others, their lives have taken on a brightness and purpose. With commentary from the young men themselves, this book is a chronicle of hope. All royalties from the book go to Whitelion, a charity for disadvantaged youth across Australia."

It definitely is compelling read, and we are loving the constant flow of reviews and comments being made of Author Rachel Porter and the deep heart-wrenching stories she lets us into. Thank you Reader's Digest for this piece.

Doin' Time by Rachel Porter is available to order today at:

29 September, 2016