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Why every pregnant women deserves one

Author: Susan Ross

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Imagine birthing your baby exactly the way you would like — quietly and peacefully in a dimly lit room in absolute control of your labour and birth, feeling safe and supported. A doula can help you achieve this. Doulas are trained to look after you, both emotionally and physically, during pregnancy, labour and birthing. They empower you to negotiate the best care for you and your baby. They act as your advocate, steering you and your partner through the sometimes daunting hospital system. Or if you have chosen to have your baby at a birth centre or at home, your doula will be with you and your partner providing support, reassurance and encouragement. An Australian book to educate you on what a Doula is, why a pregnant woman needs one and what to look out for when selecting one.

Why you need this book:
1. Most up to date Doula book available, particular emphasis on Australia
2. Research has shown having a Doula throughout your pregnancy can result in 50% reduction in the caesarean rate.
3. It explains how to choose the right doula?
4. It is filled with wonderful, inspiring stories from women and men working with a Doula and giving an understanding what doulas can bring to the experience of giving birth.
5. It has amazing photographs throughout, showing Doula's at work. 

Susan Ross

Susan Ross


Susan has been a Midwife for over 30yrs., working in both the public and private sector, and community health in Australia. Susan is a childbirth educator, HypnoBirthing® Practitioner, a Trainer, author of the book Birth Right, published by Random House Australia. She is the founder and Director of her own company, Birth Right, providing information, education, counseling, support to pregnant women and their partners.

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    If you want to create a nonviolent world, we must begin with how we connect to our babies in utero, how we birth our babies and how we treat each other form the beginning of life because this is where our deepest patterns of behaviours are set. Attitudes need to change. Women are becoming more and more fearful about birth. We can’t afford to wait another generation for those women who are embracing birth in a positive way to pass on their beautiful stories to their sons and daughters.

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