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Earth Mother Dreaming:
The Modern Guide to Living a Shamanic Life

Author: Scott Alexander King

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This product has been discontinued.  Please contact the author for availablity.   Living in our urbanised, modern society we have lost day to day contact with the beauty and wisdom of Mother Earth. In this comprehensive, hands on workbook, Scott Alexander King presents ways to reconnect to the power of Nature – to re-energise, reflect and gain a greater understanding of the meaning of our lives and our connection to natural world. 
  Learn techniques to: 

  • Nature healing therapies and techniques such as Bach flower remedies and Chakra meditations. 
  • Forecast the weather, divine future events and gain important messages from Mother Earth. 
  • Gain awareness of your powerful Animal totems and develop an understanding of their messages to you. 
  • Connect to The healing energy of Mother Nature through Wicca, crystal therapy and bush magic. 
  • Explore the world or Faery and Elemental spirits. 
  • Create Shamanic tools and journey on your own pathway into the wheel of life.

Join us on this shamanic journey of awakening; opening yourself to a new, fresh and powerful way to experience life – guided by the animals, flowers and elements of nature.

Scott Alexander King

Scott Alexander King

Scott Alexander King is an author, earth medicine practitioner and public speaker. Scott's unique ability to communicate with the animal spirit realm and the energies of the Earth began when he was just eight years old. As a child, Scott realised he could see animal spirits (not 'dead' pets, but the inherent power of animals that walk with us: the power that was once incorporated into tribal lore and labelled as 'totem' energy). Although Australian by birth, Scott looks to the animals from a global perspective: his knowledge is not limited to only the teachings of the Indigenous culture or Australian geography.

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