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Easy Events & Parties:

Author: Michael Sfera

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How often does a day go by where someone doesn't mention a party or event? 
How do you organise a great event that people will rave about?
How much drink should you buy?
How much food, glassware?

Michael Sfera, Caterer of the year 2008 South Australia, gives you the INDUSTRY TIPS on on the best pricing and deals with venues, florists, photographers, fashion outlets, beverage companies, entertainers, supermarkets and much more.

The key to events is planning, and Michael provides event and party planning pointers, checklists, recipes, hints, insider knowledge and saving tips:  

  • stylish ideas on creating theatre, a point of difference for your next party 
  • cost saving tips 
  • the only comprehensive beverage planning guide in Australia 
  • troubleshooting skills to prevent event or party disasters

Includes dinner parties, birthdays, kids parties, barbeques, corporate events, picnics, cocktail receptions, Christmas shows, fundraising events and award nights. Includes easy cocktail recipes, food and wine matching guide, food storage guide and napkin guide.

Michael Sfera manages an award winning function and convention centre in South Australia, that includes a restaurant, cafe, hotel, as well as a Hospitality, Events and Tourism Training organisation. His passion is events, functions and parties! 

Michael Sfera

Michael Sfera

Awarded Caterer of the Year in 2008 Michael has 16 years experience in planning and managing successful events and holds a bachelor in business (Tourism and Hospitality) as well as culinary and educational qualifications. Aside from acquiring a comprehensive understanding about food quality and Italian cooking from his Italian roots, Michael has driven the Sfera family business from a small family gourmet centre into one of Adelaide’s leading multi faceted hospitality groups with one of the largest privately owned convention centres in Adelaide, hotel operations, restaurants and a growing catering company.

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