Eating Out with Kids in Sydney

By: Julie Chatto


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Published: Nov/08 (AU/NZ)

Venturing out to a new restaurant with the kids has the potential to be a nightmare experience. Will you be able to get your pram through the door? Do they have child-friendly menus? Can you breastfeed there? Are kids even welcome?

In a new guide to dining in Sydney, author and working mum Julie Chatto asks Sydney restaurants to put their money where their mouth is when it comes to catering for children. Drawing on the findings of a team of independent reviewers, Eating Out With Kids is a must-have guide for all parents looking to enjoy a stress-free meal out with the whole family.

From RSLs, grills, pubs and sports clubs to cafes, restaurants, kiosks, lounges and saloons Sydney prides itself on the diversity of its eating establishments. But this can lead to confusion for parents. Eating Out With Kids levels the field by judging each restaurant against a high standard of criteria: child menus, allergies catered for, vegetarian meals, breastfeeding friendly, change facilities, wheelchair and pram access, high chairs, toys and more are all put under the microscope.

The guide is divided into geographical areas to make it easier to find your new favourite local family restaurant. Regions covered include the North Shore and Beaches, Parramatta and Penrith, Hills District, the Blue Mountains, Central Coast, Wollongong and the South Coast.

As well as providing all the essential information on types of meals available, price ranges, licensing, payment options and kid-friendly credentials these reviews also reveal the fun details that can make or break a restaurant for kids. From fishponds and Playstation games to playgrounds, babyccinos and even an outdoor art sculpture to climb on at one restaurant in Manly, this guide is proof that eating out with kids can be something to look forward to.

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ISBN: 9781921295034

Published: Nov/08 (AU/NZ)

Format: Paperback

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About The Author

Julie Chatto

Julie Chatto

Julie Chatto is a working mum who has found ways to blend a fulfilling family life, work life and social life to give her and her daughter the best opportunities.

I am the mother of a fabulous  girl and, I must admit, both of us like to eat out. My daughter likes it because it makes her feel grown up, and me...because it’s just what I love doing. I love the ordering of something new from the menu, something that makes me think ‘Wow, what a great combination of these two tastes together’. I must admit also that not having to do the dishes is an added plus.


I look at my daughter now and, you know, there is nothing food-wise that she will not try. She loves sushi and sashimi, she will tuck into a curry, she will inhale a plate of olives and the list goes on. The research into this book has certainly opened up her palate.

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