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Exploring Dimensions with the Body:

Author: Robyn Welch

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Robyn Elizabeth Welch is a diagnostic medical intuitive with the rare ability to see inside the human body and diagnose from its energy field restoring both to wellbeing. Her extraordinary insight allows her to actually communicate with individual body parts, to understand their response and encourage the body to participate in its own healing process.

Exploring Dimensions with the Body, is a how-to healing book. The reader will learn how Robyn communicates with individual body parts and how she explores the body's higher dimensions; and experience a healing from the beauty of this experience.
Robyn supplies the reader with simple powerful exercises and affirmations to defend human bodies against the negativity of the mind. Throughout this book there are successful case studies of people who have been healed through her unconventional method.   Exploring Dimensions with the Body is the 2nd book written by Robyn Elizabeth Welch. Her first book Conversations with the Body was published successfully in 2002 by Hodder UK, South Africa and Australia. 

Robyn Welch

Robyn Welch
Author, Diagnostic medical intuitive


Robyn Welch is a diagnostic medical intuitive who has highly developed skills that can both diagnose and treat sick people without any physical contact.Robyn was born and raised in Australia, but currently travels between the UK and the United States and Australia. If anyone wants living proof that healing works, Robyn Welch points to her own body, injured in a car crash. "I should be a Vegetable," she says, in her gentle Australian accent.

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