Fairy Dust

The treasure box of fairy magic and wisdom

By: Andres Engracia


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Published: Jul/17 (AU/NZ), Aug/17 (US), Jul/17 (UK)

As above, and so below, ancient fairy wisdom flows. Our pockets full of magic and dreams, we are always around...unseen.A unique idea set of 40 cards for inspiration with clear messages of guidance to your questions and musings. To be used as an oracle for fun divination or daily inspired guidance, this deck is most suitable for charming girls and cheeky boys. The Fairy Dust Inspiration Cards delivers only positive affirmations for your soul to tap into your intuition and let yourself become enchanted by the wisdom and magic of the fairies realm.

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ISBN: 9781925429350

Published: Jul/17 (AU/NZ), Aug/17 (US), Jul/17 (UK)

Format: Cards

Dimensions: 100 mm  x  50 mm

Extent: 40 pages

Rights Sold: North America

About The Author

Andres Engracia

Andres Engracia

Author, Clairvoyant Medium, Ceremonialist

Andres Engracia's first introduction into mysticism and spirituality began early at the age when he experienced numerous spiritual apparitions and premonitions. His interests in spirituality grew exponentially after the death of his mother in his teenage years, leading Andres head first into the esoteric world in search for answers, and to uncover life's mysteries.
After re-connecting back to his native ancestral roots with multi-cultural spirituality, Andres began to immerse himself into learning various fields of knowledge to build his spiritual view, taking in forensic and cultural anthropology, shamanism, cosmology and mythology, spiritual-mediumship and energetic healing.

Today, Andres utilises his energy as a professional intuitive healer, is a trained Past-life Regression Therapist and teaches courses and workshops on intuitive and metaphysical development.

Andres' passion for the esoteric seeps into his love for adventure through musings, travel and philosophical living. A true Sagittarian, a voracious reader and NASA nerd, when he's not writing Andres enjoys rock-climbing and martial arts training while creating intuitive artworks through various mediums.

He is the author of Fairy Dust mini cards and Saints and Mystics Reading Cards and is currently based in Sydney, Australia

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