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Family & Health

Family and Health is very important to all of us at Rockpool. We aim to bring relevant and topical books to the market and our Australian authors are some of the highest qualified and passionate in their chosen topics.  Our greatest joy is when we hear from our customers that the books in this category do make a difference in their lives, from saving their marriage and relating to their children, to comforting them from pain, or losing weight and improving their wellness. 

We hope that the books will make a difference in your life and you enjoy reading them and using them as much as we do.

The Wellness Puzzle
  • The Wellness Puzzle
  • Andrew Jobling
  • Feb/19
Mindful Living
  • Mindful Living
  • Katie Manitsas
  • Feb/19
The Roadmap to Fertility
  • The Roadmap to Fertility
  • Dr David Greening
  • Oct/18
Radical Generosity
  • Radical Generosity
  • M.J. Ryan
  • Oct/18
The Mindful Body
  • The Mindful Body
  • Noa Belling
  • Feb/18
Healthy Liver
  • Healthy Liver
  • Dr. Cris Beer M.D
  • Jul/16
The Healthy Coconut
  • The Healthy Coconut
  • Jenni Madison
  • May/16
Healthy Habits
  • Healthy Habits
  • Dr. Cris Beer M.D
  • Sep/15
Healthy Body
  • Healthy Body
  • Sally Matterson
  • Apr/15
Raising Competent Teenagers
  • Raising Competent Teenagers
  • Dr. Linda Friedland
  • Feb/15
Natural Remedies
  • Natural Remedies
  • Mim Beim
  • Aug/14
Toddler's Owner Manual
  • Toddler's Owner Manual
  • Steve Bedwell
  • Aug/14
Yin Yoga
  • Yin Yoga
  • Ulrica Norberg
  • Jun/14
Meditation for Motherhood
  • Meditation for Motherhood
  • Yogi Brahmasamhara
  • May/14
The Secret of Life Wellness
  • The Secret of Life Wellness
  • Inna Segal
  • Sep/13
  • Menopause
  • Dr Barry G. Wren
  • May/13
Metabolic Clock Cookbook
  • Metabolic Clock Cookbook
  • Julie Rennie
  • May/13
The 3-Day Mini Detox
  • The 3-Day Mini Detox
  • Sussane Grace
  • Feb/13
Raising Competent Children
  • Raising Competent Children
  • Jesper Juul
  • Jul/12
  • Doulas
  • Susan Ross
  • Apr/12
Baby Owner's Manual
  • Baby Owner's Manual
  • Steve Bedwell
  • Sep/11
  • Awakening
  • Yogi Brahmasamhara
  • Mar/11
The Metabolic Clock
  • The Metabolic Clock
  • Julie Rennie
  • Feb/11
Let's Play!
  • Let's Play!
  • Shelalagh McGovern
  • Aug/10