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Fiona Horne

Fiona Horne launched a career in the entertainment industry as the lead singer of Aussie electro-rock band Def FX before authoring several best-selling books internationally about modern Witchcraft. She is a popular radio and television personality appearing on many programs around the world.

She is also a commercial pilot, world record-holding skydiver, professional fire dancer, yogini, freediver and SCUBA Diver. Fiona now lives on the Caribbean island of St Croix and is an outreach program co-ordinator and humanitarian aid worker, flying school supplies, building tools and clothing to impoverished communities.


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  • The Naked Witch, a Review by Facing North

    The Naked Witch, a Review by Facing North


    I enjoy reading (auto)biographies of a variety of people, but especially entertainers. If you were a witch in the end of the last century you might remember Ms. Horne as the author of Witch: A Personal Journey and as one member of the (truly awful) reality show Mad Mad House. She sparked a controversy of around being a 'real witch' and provoked a lot of drama. In the end, many people labeled her a 'fluffy bunny witch' and forgot about her.

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  • Fiona Gets Naked in New Autobiography

    Fiona Gets Naked in New Autobiography


    ST. THOMAS, U.S. Virgin Islands — It’s not unusual for Tom Jones to sport a charm fashioned from a four-leaf clover, a piece of amber, and a bone from a fox penis. Well, at least the Welsh superstar singer was gifted such a charm by celebrity Fiona Horne, or “Fiona the Hot Witch,” as Ryan Seacrest once labeled her during a segment on E! News back in the early 2000s. Those are just a few of the revelations in Horne’s new autobiography, The Naked Witch, which will be released in the U.S.

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