Fortune Cookies

Love, Success, Happiness cards

By: Sharina Star


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Fortune Cookies are a fun way to find the answers to your most significant questions and concerns about love, money, travel and career. The Cookies are the perfect divination tool to guide you onto the right path by revealing whats in store for your immediate future.The Cookies approach the world from a modern perspective and can be read daily or just when you need answers or some reassurance.You will be amazed by their sharp accuracy!

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ISBN: 9781925429060

Published: Apr/16 (AU/NZ), Sep/18 (US), Apr/16 (UK)

Format: Slipcase

Dimensions: 60 mm  x  110 mm

Extent: 40 pages

About The Author

Sharina Star

Sharina Star

Author, Psychic, Radio Announcer

Sharina Star is a celebrated Australian psychic who kicked off her career in radio on 2UE as a regular guest on the Stan Zemanek show back in 1990. Due to popular demand, Sharina then took on a second segment with the New Day Australia Program.

Sharina has featured in various national magazines and currently has her own star columns in eight newspapers across New South Wales and Queensland, including Take 5 Magazine. Her TV experience includes, Beauty and the Beast, Kerry Ann, A Current Affair, Midday Show and Bert Newton show.

Sharina is one of Australia's most popular psychics with a host of celebrity clients, A Feng Shui Master, and is the author of the best-selling book “The Fortune Teller”, a RAW award winner.

Sharina currently hosts Psychic Encounters, offering her mystical insight, tarot and numerology abilities. Sharina's Psychic Encounters can be heard Sunday nights from 8 to midnight on 2UE 954AM Sydney

She is also featured on popular Sydney Blog

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