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Healthy Body :
Balance your hormones and shred fat for life

Author: Sally Matterson

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Fitness has always been of the utmost importance to Sally Matterson. “When you are fit you are happy!”

Healthy Body educates you about your body, getting fit and how to eat right for it. Once you understand the hormonal rules that govern your body you will become the master of your physique and the controller of your body.

Learn how to shred stubborn areas of body fat – What supplements to take for flabby arms, legs and mid-section.

Boost your metabolism – Learn simple weight based circuit style training at home and increase lean muscle whilst burning fat, includes simple everyday equipment list, weekly overviews and 45 exercises.

Stay Lean for life – Lifestyle tips with meal plan & recipes that complement eating right for hormone health.

Sally Matterson

Sally Matterson
Author, Personal Trainer


Sally Matterson is one of Australia’s foremost personal trainers, with her cutting edge methods of training she is in high demand helping actors, models and athletes get their bodies in peak physical condition. As a qualified Biosignature Practitioner (study of hormones), she has revolutionised the way her customers and followers think about conventional means of weight loss. She spent five years competing in national and international fitness competitions and two years as company direct of Anytime Fitness.

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Recent news about Healthy Body

  • Sally Matterson gets Shark Tank Deal

    Sally Matterson gets Shark Tank Deal


    Sharks, my mission is simple; inspire women to take up strength training & educate them on how to do so. Teach women to balance their hormones & shred fat for life!"   My bring it home finishing line in my Shark Tank pitch. What a thrill, what a ride it has been. I had a vision for my business 3 years ago that I would create something that no one else was doing in mainstream fitness...bringing the good news of hormone health to the masses & creating a whole fat loss philosophy based on these principles.

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  • Healthy Body -Book Review

    Healthy Body -Book Review


    In ‘Healthy Body’ you are presented with a very sensible way of getting your body into shape, into the best condition it has perhaps been in for some time, without putting yourself at risk of doing some real  harm with the latest fads in exercise and diet. Sally Matterson is one of Australia’s foremost personal trainers and has spent some considerable time researching and refining the best way to set out achieving your health and fitness goals sensibly and while doing this, understand what you are doing and why.

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  • Eat Well, Stay Lean

    Eat Well, Stay Lean


    In winter the temptation to eat more comfort food can pile on the kilos. But we can stay lean with the right nutrition, says personal trainer Sally Matterson My food philosophy is all about lifestyle changes, not diets. Nutrition is, without a doubt, 80% of the battle. Get that right and you are cruising on the super fat-burning highway. By focusing on what you eat, you can take control of your body and your health for today - and tomorrow.

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  • Is balancing your hormones key to getting rid of bingo wings and jelly belly?

    Is balancing your hormones key to getting rid of bingo wings and jelly belly?


    Do you have dreaded bingo arms, love handles or a jelly belly? While you can lay some of the blame on genetics, as well as diet and lifestyle, there could be another culprit: hormones. Personal trainer Sally Matterson was once a self-described “skinny/fat” fashion model, subsisting on a diet of chips, Coke and ciggies. Fourteen years ago she began reclaiming her health and discovered Poliquin Biosignature Modulation, which addresses the link between body fat stores and possible hormonal imbalances.

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