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Holden v Ford:
The Cars. The Culture. The Competition

Author: Steve Bedwell

Paperback $29.99 Out of Stock

Holden versus Ford, Ford versus Holden, Red versus Blue, Blue versus Red, even the order in which you say these two precious words marks you for life as to which side of the white line you drive on. Going straight to the heart of what it means to be Australian, this book is a must-have addition to any Ford or Holden lover's bookshelf. Loyalty, faith, competition, love is expressed through two brands of motor car.

Never before has this nation-dividing topic been faced head on, and written about in such a detailed and humorous way. Some highlights: 

  • Comprehensive history of Ford and Holden research and development in Australia. 
  • Extensive lists of all the Ford and Holden models released since the beginning of the twentieth century. 
  • The panel van craze that rocked the nation during the 1970s. 
  • The Great Race at Philip Island, Mt Panorama and the glory days of Ford versus Holden racing victories. 
  • A compendium of facts and trivia of all things Holden and Ford. 
  • Falling in love with a car of your dreams.
With over 200 photos and great design! Holden v Ford is a full-throttle car book and the perfect Father's Day gift or Christmas book. 

Steve Bedwell

Steve Bedwell
Comedy Writer,Television Host, a Radio Personality, Author, Producer

The Steve “Bedders” Bedwell Story Steve Bedwell is a comedy writer, television host, a radio personality, author, producer, ARIA nominated recording artist and comedian. Steve worked on radio at Melbourne Triple M from 1997- 2002, since 2002, he a is a regular panellist in talk-back at 3AW. In TV Steve was the Head Writer of Tonight Live With Steve Vizard, was a regular guest on the program.

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