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Inspirational Box Set II :

Author: Andres Engracia and Jessica Le

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Display these fascinating new sets of inspiration and affirmation cards on your counter. Each counterpack contains 18 sets
including Crystal Wisdom, Fairy Dust, Flower Petals and Whispering Wood valued at $14.99 each

Andres Engracia

Andres Engracia
Author, Clairvoyant Intuitive


Andrés Engracia's first introduction into mysticism and spirituality began early at the age when he experienced numerous spiritual apparitions and premonitions. His interests in spirituality grew exponentially after the death of his mother in his teenage years, leading Andrés head first into the esoteric world in search for answers, and to uncover life's mysteries. After re-connecting back to his native ancestral roots with Spanish-Mexican spirituality, Andrés began to immerse himself into learning various fields of knowledge to build his spiritual view, taking in forensic and cultural anthropology, shamanism, cosmology and mythology, spiritual-mediumship and energetic healing.

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Jessica Le

Jessica Le


Jessica Le is an illustrator who takes the wondrous fantasy of storybook worlds and reimagines them with both whimsy and elegance. Her illustrations evoke feelings from nostalgic excitement of one's own childhood realms to the mellow peace of finding beauty in the everyday. However, all of these emotions are underpinned by how her skills in linework and colour transport the audience into worlds that can simultaneously be convincing in their realism and heartwarming in their lushness.   She graduated with a Bachelor of Design in Visual Communication with First Class Honours from the University of Technology, Sydney.

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