Journey Through the Chakras

How chakras rule different phases of our lives

By: Ravi Ratan


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Published: May/19 (AU/NZ), May/19 (US), Jun/19 (UK)

Journey Through the Chakras is a comprehensive guide to the inner workings of the chakra system from an age-old Indian spiritual, metaphysical and tantric perspective.

The book dives deep into one of the most ancient structures of the spiritual body. With both anatomical and physiological views, it deconstructs the complexities behind the system, explaining the chakras in a simple fashion that is accessible to anyone.

Discover how to work with the chakras in your subtle body and begin your journey towards deeper spiritual healing as you learn:

- how to harness universal and human energy
- the chakras and their connections to the body
- spiritual attributes to each chakra
- sacred chakra mantras and meditations
- kundalini awakening
- aromatherapy and crystals for chakra balancing
- mudra and yoga practices for chakra healing and much more

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ISBN: 9781925682991

Published: May/19 (AU/NZ), May/19 (US), Jun/19 (UK)

Format: Paperback

Dimensions: 230 mm  x  179 mm

Extent: 184 pages

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About The Author

Ravi Ratan

Ravi Ratan

Dr Ravi Ratan is a leading aromatherapist based in India. He is descended from a long line of healers and teachers, who inspired him to become a healer, too. As well as holding two Masters degrees, Dr Ratan also has a Doctorate of Science Medicina Alternativa) from the Open International University of Alternative Medicine.

After working for more than thirty years in the perfume industry, Dr Ratan discovered the healing potential of natural essential oils. Aromatherapy became his passion, especially the healing and therapeutic potential of essential oils on a physical as well as psychological level. Motivated by his successful results in healing and healthcare, Dr Ratan has focused on complete body therapy.

Dr Ravi Ratan has undertaken extensive clinical research work on the use of essential oils for health and healing, and has created an aromatherapy workout regimen for the physical body focusing on problem areas and identifying causes and aromatherapy solutions. He now trains beauticians, alternative therapists and health club professionals in his methods.

In his aromatherapy practice, Dr Ratan combines ancient Ayurvedic wisdom with modern aromatherapy principles Vedic Aromatherapy and creates unique blends for health and healing. Prominent among these are his anointments for seven chakras the body\'s energy centres) which have been found very effective in restoring the healthy balance of mind, body and spirit.

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