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Julie Chatto

Julie Chatto is a working mum who has found ways to blend a fulfilling family life, work life and social life to give her and her daughter the best opportunities.

I am the mother of a fabulous  girl and, I must admit, both of us like to eat out. My daughter likes it because it makes her feel grown up, and me...because it’s just what I love doing. I love the ordering of something new from the menu, something that makes me think ‘Wow, what a great combination of these two tastes together’. I must admit also that not having to do the dishes is an added plus.


I look at my daughter now and, you know, there is nothing food-wise that she will not try. She loves sushi and sashimi, she will tuck into a curry, she will inhale a plate of olives and the list goes on. The research into this book has certainly opened up her palate.

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