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Laura Bowen is an artist, writer and nature lover. Her Aboriginal connections are to the Worimi/Biripai people of the Manning River area of New South Wales, Australia. Laura takes pride in her Aboriginal heritage and in all of the influences that are sewn into the tapestry that is her bloodline.

She lives in the Bellingen valley on the mid-north coast of New South Wales Australia. My Dreaming is my past, my present and my future. It is the space where I can follow the threads of my personal bloodline, through all those who have come before me and who are still to come. It is the place within my heart where I feel the connection to the land I was born on and the creatures that inhabit my immediate environment. With this connection also comes a responsibility to care for and acknowledge the spirits of the land on which I live.

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  • Katey Flowers revels in the Saltwater Reading Cards

    Katey Flowers revels in the Saltwater Reading Cards


    Katey Flowers walks us through an honest, intuitive and beautiful review of the Saltwater Reading Cards by Laura Bowen. For more information on Laura Bowen, please visit: http://www.laurabowen.com.au/ To see more oracle reviews from Katey, visit: https://www.kateyflowers.com/

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  • Maven Unmasks the Dreamtime Reading Cards

    Maven Unmasks the Dreamtime Reading Cards


    Big shout-out love to Maven Unmasked in Maryland, USA for an awesome un-boxing video review of the Dreamtime Reading Cards by Laura Bowen.   A powerful deck with it's raw energy and symbolical artistry, these cards just keep on giving!   To view the YouTube review just follow this link: https://youtu.be/ZUc_qgUWFmc #DreamtimeReadingCards #LauraBowen <span _5afz"="">#OracleReadingCards #AustralianDreamtime

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