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Let's Play!:
100 Popular Games for Children

Author: Shelalagh McGovern

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There's nothing quite like playing a game. But for kids it's more than simply a way to let off steam and have a great time, it's also a valuable way to learn about their world and how to get along with the people in it.

From babies onwards, children love to share in the excitement and fun, while also picking up new skills, such as working out how to deal with the consequences of making mistakes, or even bending the rules!

Rockpool Publishing is proud to release Let's Play! by Shelalagh McGovern, a fun new book for parents which includes 100 fun games divided into age groups (5-6, 7-9 and 10-12 years); from Icebreakers and Introduction Games, to Chasing Games, Physical Games, the all-important quiet Indoor Games, Theatrical and Musical Games, as well as the classics we all know and love. All the games included can be played with children and adults and the main objective is to have fun!

Filled with colour photos of children playing the games, and an easy to follow layout, Let's Play is an invaluable resource for Australian mums, dads and families everywhere! 
Additional Information: 

  • Easy to understand with over 250 colour photos 
  • A cheap, healthy way to entertain the family
  • All games are tried and tested by the author who knows that they are a hit with children
  • Contains 100 games including; classic games, physical, theatrical & word
  • Game playing helps develop important social skills
  • Invaluable for children's birthdays and family get togethers 

Shelalagh McGovern

Shelalagh McGovern
Aerial instructor

Shelalagh McGovern is passionate about aerial and circus arts. She co-founded Aerialize - Sydney Aerial Theatre in 1998 and was the Director until 2008. She is an aerial instructor and performer with over 12 years experience and a background in gymnastics. She trained in aerial skills with Circus Oz, Flying Fruit Fly Circus, Legs on the Wall and Circus Space, London. Some of her aerial highlights include performing with Les Comediens on the Sydney Opera House forecourt, the Flying Lotahs in Singapore and in the Sydney Olympic Games Opening Ceremony.

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