Life & Beyond

A Medium's Guide To Dealing With Loss And Making Contact

By: Anthony Grzelka


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Published: Aug/08 (AU/NZ), Nov/10 (US), Aug/08 (UK)

LIFE AND BEYOND is an interactive book that will help people to cope with grief and loss through teaching them how to make connections with the spirit world. It gives hands on grief coping initiatives and addresses many different types of loss, including grief and loss in men and how to use a medium s spirituality to recover.

Accessible for all, this book will inspire people to cope with their loss by connecting to the spirit world.

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ISBN: 9781921295157

Published: Aug/08 (AU/NZ), Nov/10 (US), Aug/08 (UK)

Format: Paperback

Dimensions: 210 mm  x  135 mm

Extent: 208 pages

Rights Sold: Portuguese, Portugal Territory only

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About The Author

Anthony Grzelka

Anthony Grzelka

Author, Medium

Anthony Grzelka, 39-year-old father of three is one of Australia's leading spiritual Mediums. As the Australian equivalent to John Edwards, he conducts seminars, workshops and private readings throughout Australia. His private readings are booked out for two years.

Four years ago when his corporate career became unfulfilling Anthony, a one time boiler rmaker, began using his unique psychic gift, talking to those from the past to bring hope and relief to families and individuals whose lives have been affected by tragedy, sickness and disaster.

His approach to helping people deal with grief and achieve spiritual wellbeing is down-to-earth, practical and achievable.
And the results, are “beyond belief” say the astonished families who've experienced Anthony's special brand of 39;crossing over'. He is the man dubbed Australia's own 39;'Ghost Whisperer'' and the only Aussie medium endorsed by respected US medium, James Van Praagh.

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