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Magick of You Oracle:
Unlock your hidden truths

Author: Fiona Horne and Marcela Bolivar

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The Magick of You Oracle will help you navigate obstacles and clear your path in times of need. Tap into universal wisdom and the enhancement of your own inner vision in order to heal recurring problems in your life.

Each oracle card is a unique key that unlocks a door to your hidden truths... and behind each door lies a message to light your way and guide you on your path and onto your life's next adventure, with peace of mind and an empowered sense of purpose.

A unique magick ritual is offered with every card.

Fiona Horne

Fiona Horne
Author, Witch, Rock Chick, Pilot


Fiona Horne launched a career in the entertainment industry as the lead singer of Aussie electro-rock band Def FX before authoring several best-selling books internationally about modern Witchcraft. She is a popular radio and television personality appearing on many programs around the world. She is also a commercial pilot, world record-holding skydiver, professional fire dancer, yogini, freediver and SCUBA Diver. Fiona now lives on the Caribbean island of St Croix and is an outreach program co-ordinator and humanitarian aid worker, flying school supplies, building tools and clothing to impoverished communities.

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Marcela Bolivar

Marcela Bolivar
Digital Artist


Marcela Bolivar is a digital artist who specialises in photomontage techniques. All her compositions are based in photographs that undergo a complex process of transformation, assemblage and detailing, bringing them closer to a pictorial expression. ‘Marcela Bolivar’s photo illustrations have a light touch – the figures and surrounding flowers, plants and fabrics appear to billow in the wind, as if they might be blown away at any moment. Sticking to a mostly pale color palette, Bolivar gives her characters an elegant essence.

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  • Magick of You Oracle Reading + Review | Truth In Story

    Magick of You Oracle Reading + Review | Truth In Story


    "NOTE: Like most of my walkthroughs, this is not a quick peek, if you want to go right to seeing the cards you can skip to about 22:00 but even then, my idea of a walkthrough is more of a meander through words, images, and impressions. You have been warned :D" Are you sitting down and ready to see the beauty of your magick? This review is more than just a walkthrough of Fiona' Horne's first oracle deck offering.

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  • Magick of You Oracle: Cleanse & Restore Ritual | ShuffleTarot

    Magick of You Oracle: Cleanse & Restore Ritual | ShuffleTarot


    The “Magick of You Oracle - Unlock your hidden truths” by Fiona Horne by Rockpool Publishing. ❤️ "I’m enjoying working with this deck and learning the magical aspect to each card in the form of corresponding rituals. The rituals for each card are optional but damn there good!" says Nina of ShuffleTarot. When placed in traditional magic spreads, the cards will hold a mirror up to your soul, allowing you to discover your true self and opening the door to your next adventure.

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  • Magick of You Oracle Review

    Magick of You Oracle Review


    Discover and revel in this beautifully styled flip-through of the long-awaited oracle deck by Fiona Horne, the Magick of You Oracle. Reviewed by the gorgeous Shuffle Tarot, take in the sublime illustrations by Marcela Boliva and uncover the truths of your inner witch with every card and its sacred spell... To see more of Shuffle tarot visit - Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Shuffle-Tarot-587225718291835/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/shuffletarot/ To discover more of Aussie-Witch Fiona Horne visit: https://www.fionahorne.com/

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