Manuscript Submissions

Please read our submission guidelines below carefully. This process is applicable to submission of books AND Tarot, Oracle and Affirmation card set proposals.

Rockpool Publishing will accept unsolicited submissions. 

We are interested in Mind Body Spirit; Health and Wellness; Self-help and Gift titles. We try to read submissions regularly and would ask for two weeks minimum time to respond to receipt of a proposal.

We are a company that likes to publish content that makes a difference in people's lives, but we must publish material that makes commercial sense in order to sustain our company, as all businesses do. Your book proposal should aim to speak to many people, not a small insular group, so please think about how your topic can sell to a larger audience, appropriately and effectively. If it is too niche in the subject matter, you may be better to self publish.

Your proposal should include:

  1. A clear and concise covering letter including date.
  2. Contact details (phone, mobile and email) including social media platforms and website.
  3. Author/business credentials.
  4. Please write your reasons for submitting your content, your experience in your field and associations connecting to your work success.
  5. If previously published, please include a link to your books or card set, and if there is a link to it online, or you can send a sample to us with a pre-paid self addressed package for returns.
  6. Short synopsis of the material (please note this is a summary of what the project is, imagine reading it as a 250 word blurb that could appear on the back cover of the book/card deck, summarising your product).
  7. We would like to see a  table of contents, to see that you have planned the title and what the components are, and please advise the complete word count of the whole project.
  8. We would also like to receive an introduction and the first couple of chapters, however we can take complete manuscripts. Please correctly number each page of the manuscript.
  9. All artwork submitted is to be clear and referenced to the correct artist if the work is not created by yourself, and explain how it relates to the text. Please do not send original artworks unless you submit them with a pre-paid self addressed package for returns.
  10. Please do research the topic that you are writing about and please outline an overview of your market research, who you think is your target audience, any marketing ideas (please do look in online bookshops to see if a similar book/card set has been published, as we are interested in how your material is different to what is already out there).
  11. If you wish to have your hard copy submission returned, please include a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Otherwise, clearly state in your cover letter instructions to discard. Rockpool Publishing does not take responsibility to send physical manuscript submissions that fail to attach pre-paid satchels for return, as all manuscripts are ethically destroyed after evaluations for privacy and confidentiality reasons.



  1. Before making your submission, we would appreciate if you could take a look at our previously published books/card sets to understand the type of books and card sets that we are interested in, and if we have already published n your topic area then please think about why your material would be good for the reader if there are many books already published on the topic.
  2. Please keep it brief and to the point.



  1.  Good writing
  2.  Practical Mind, Body, Spirit for both Adults and Children
  3.  High quality, beautiful artwork
  4.  Making beautiful products, especially card sets
  5.  Gift books
  6.  Self-Help and Wellness
  7.  Originality in subject matter and writing
  8.  As an Australian Publisher, we do love Australian ideas in stories 
  9.  A submission that demonstrates your writing ability at its best
  10.  Author realism, as it can sometimes take a long time for a project to become a success, and author patience and understanding to trust a publisher and work to promote a project over the long term is appreciated
  11. Your patience! We receive an overwhelming amount of submissions, but we respond to all. 


  1. Fiction 
  2. Children's Non-Fiction
  3. Poetry 

Tips: Note to all prospective authors, you must be prepared to work hard to help in promoting the project, you must present well, and any chance of getting media training for yourselves is a plus, though we can arrange. You should have researched the book or card market completely and know your competition in the genre, or topic area. 

Physical proposals are only accepted and these should be sent to the attention of Acquisitions Editor, at this address:

Acquisitions Editor

Rockpool Publishing
P0 Box 252
Summer Hill, NSW 2130

If you wish to check on the status of your submission please direct your email to