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Meditation for Motherhood:
Zen meditation for conception, pregnancy and birth.

Author: Yogi Brahmasamhara

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Inspiring practices of Zen meditation for mothers and mothers-to-be.

In Meditation for Motherhood Yogi Brahmasamhara presents step-by-step guidance on authentic Zen meditation, the most powerful, natural and deeply beneficial practice available to a woman during the phases of creating and nurturing her baby.

With over 40 gentle and tailored exercises you will practise the ancient arts of:

  • developing the patience to listen to yourself and your baby
  • letting go tension, worry and apprehension
  • damping down the mind babble
  • mindfulness, by deeply focusing on ‘just this’
  • embracing your inner wisdom when confronted by difficulties

Above all, you will acquire the ability to take these skills with you wherever you go.

Endorsement from Australian women’s health expert Dr Margaret Gottlieb, MBBS(Hons) FRACGP DCH (MPsychMed) FAC PsychMed.

Yogi Brahmasamhara

Yogi Brahmasamhara
Zem Master, Author


Yogi Brahmasamhara has practised Authentic Meditation for more than 37 years.   In the mid 1990s, he began teaching meditation and established the first Sanctuary in Leichhardt, Sydney, 15 years ago. Today, the Meditation Sanctuary attracts hundreds of students each year.   Brahmasamhara initially spent five years studying Integral Yoga with Indian Yogi, Misra Bashayandeh, who himself had been a student of the internationally renowned philosopher and Yoga Guru, Sri Aurobindo, at Pondicherry in India.

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  • Meditation for Motherhood Book Review by Nathan Ho

    Meditation for Motherhood Book Review by Nathan Ho


    “Meditation for Motherhood: Zen meditation for conception, pregnancy and birth” written by Yogi Brahmasamhara. Reviewed by Nathan Ho Meditation for motherhood by Yogi is his latest book appealing to introducing the concept of meditation for expecting mothers. On first glance of this book do not let its title for you into thinking that this is only just for the mothers. This book can be also read and worked with by the husband or other partner who is arm accompanying the expecting mother to assist and empower the couple to form a shared understanding and develop together as the baby develops.

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  • Meditation for Motherhood Book Review

    Meditation for Motherhood Book Review


    BOOK REVIEW  Meditation for Motherhood Gentle Zen Meditation for Conception, Pregnancy and Birth Yogi Brahmasamhara At a time when we are ruing the increasing disconnect from the natural world in almost every aspect of our lives - from the time we wake up to the alarm rather than the rising sun to the time we go to bed with the eerie white light from our iPhone confusing our biorhythms even more - what could be more alarming that the relentless medicalisation of the most powerful and fulfilling experience known to a woman - natural childbirth? It seems that a staggering 90% of mothers in Australia no longer experience a totally natural childbirth.

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