A Practical Guide to Developing Your Senses to Connect to the Spirit World

By: Kerrie Erwin


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Published: Jun/21 (AU/NZ), Jun/21 (US), Jun/21 (UK)

Mediumship offers a powerful healing tool in people's lives during the grieving process.
Many people feel a calling towards mediumship and want to know how to expand their energy and raise their consciousness so they can connect with the spirit world dimension.

Kerrie Erwin has lived between two worlds since childhood and is able to see and hear spirit people talking. In this practical book, learn about the different types of mediumship and how to develop the skills
with simple exercises.

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ISBN: 9781925924985

Published: Jun/21 (AU/NZ), Jun/21 (US), Jun/21 (UK)

Format: Hardback

Extent: 208 pages

About The Author

Kerrie Erwin

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