Mindful Living Journal

Journalling Practices for a sacred and happy life

By: Katie Rose


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Connection to creativity, self-reflection and developing mindfulness are all sparked by the practice of journalling.
When you give words to what you are thinking, feeling and dreaming up you develop a process for self-awareness. Journalling provides an accessible personal growth tool that supports a deep dive into the world of understanding yourself, manifesting your dreams and setting clear intentions.
Explore your creative truth through the meditations, prompts, prayers, rituals and spiritual and awaken a new way of living.

Uncover your greatest capacity for compassion and wisdom through the pages of the Mindful Living Journal.

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ISBN: 9781925924473

Published: Jan/21 (AU/NZ), Mar/21 (US), Jan/21 (UK)

Format: Paperback

Extent: 176 pages

About The Author

Katie Rose

Katie Rose

Author, Yoga Teacher

Katie Manitsas is an advanced level Jivamukti Yoga teacher and a Wise Earth Ayurveda master teacher. She is also qualified in Kundalini Yoga and as a Doula and holds the highest possible accreditations with both Yoga Alliance and Yoga Australia. She has been teaching yoga for over 20 years.

Katie’s passion is in yogic philosophy and the seasonal practices of Sadhana, bringing devotion and a sense of the sacred to everyday life, as well as compassion for animals and a deep reverence for nature.

Katie is a published author of several books, including The Yoga of Birth. She is the mother of four young boys and lives with her loud and busy family in Sydney’s Inner West.


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