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Monsters and Creatures:
Discover Beasts from Lore and Legends

Author: Gabiann Marin

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Have you ever wanted to track Bigfoot? Slay a dragon? Introduce yourself to a vampire?

From the writer of Gods and Goddesses, Monsters and Creatures delves into the legends of some of the world’s best known and most bizarre beasts and ghastly creations, revealing the facts and the fictions.

Explore the real-life origins of some of the strangest creatures ever encountered in the murky depths, in enchanted forests – and even one or two who could be lurking under your bed. Discover the real werewolves of medieval Europe, glimpse the magical history of the famed unicorn and encounter the terrifying bloodsucking dogs of Mexico.

All these and more are found within the pages of Monsters and Creatures. More than a bestiary, this carefully researched book documents the mythologies, sightings and origins of over 100 weird and wonderful beasties from every continent and every time period, including modern monsters stalking us today. All of these creatures have inspired films, books, scientific research, poems and music, as well as our collective dreams and nightmares. It’s time to come meet them and find out the amazing true stories behind these legendary mythical beasts.

Gabiann Marin

Gabiann Marin
Author, Screenwriter, Editor

Gabiann Marin (Sydney, Australia) is an award-winning author, screenwriter, editor, academic and lover of all things supernatural. Her very first stage play won the Australian Bicentennial Premier’s prize and her book, A True Person won the international White Raven Literary award for work of outstanding merit and importance. She has written eight original works of fiction and non-fiction, many of which regularly appear on the Premier’s reading lists across Australia. When not writing, Gabiann runs a successful script and story development agency through which she has edited or helped develop over 200 books, screenplays, multimedia projects and stage plays.

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  • A Conversation with Gabiann Marin

    A Conversation with Gabiann Marin


    Originally published online via PaganPages. Click the following link to view the full article here: PaganPages.org Saoirse – First, let me say, I was impressed with your book Monsters and Creatures. I never know what to expect from a reference book on creatures- and I was thrilled because I found your book very well researched. You packed so very much good information into it. How long did it take you to gather all of that in formation, and what was the process for research you used? What background in research do you have, and what is your philosophy about educating your readers as an author? Gabiann – Thank you.

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