Mystic Martian Oracle

By: Lisa Porter


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Published: Aug/21 (AU/NZ), Nov/21 (US), Sep/21 (UK)

We are all cosmic star seeds, birthed from wonders beyond the extraordinary, hoping to fully awaken into our self-aware enlightened universe. The Great Sky Gods have silently been visiting and monitoring is Earthlings since the beginning of time.

This deck is designed and intended as a guideline of extraterrestrial species which transcend and co-exist within the human and genetic mind.
Each card is beautifully designed as a symbolic and representational conduit for a specific archetype and has key words that include metaphysical, emotional and psychological feelings, and everyday practical meanings.

The vast array of aliens is immense, multi layered and even at times convoluted. They keep a mindful eye on us individually and collectively. They observe our successes and our failures, and everything in between.

Open your eyes and stretch your insight into far broader horizons, and allow these Great Sky Gods to impart their wise guidance and wisdom from multidimensional perceptions.

May you welcome the ancient Sky Beings that are forever watching over you.

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ISBN: 9781925946550

Published: Aug/21 (AU/NZ), Nov/21 (US), Sep/21 (UK)

Format: Cards

Extent: 128 pages

About The Author

Lisa Porter

Lisa Porter

Lisa Porter is a self-taught Artist/Illustrator, born and raised in Northampton, in a tiny rural town in the isolated wheat belt area of Western Australia. She has been drawing since the age she could pick up a crayon. Her first inspirations came from old handed down hard cover children's picture books, that had awe inspiring cyclops, monsters and giants. Her older sibling's comics were also a childhood source of visual inspiration for her.

During the nineties, she was a freelance caricature artist and freelance court hearing illustrator for a newspaper. She was also a popular caricature commissioned artist in the nineties. Esoteric literature has been an ongoing fascination her entire adult life. The study of ancient pagan mysticism, mythology, archetypal allegories, ufology, and xenology are a constant preoccupation of interest for her. She is deeply interested with the relationship of the living occult's timeless narratives, that are intrinsically connected to the psychology of the human mind, body and soul. Her love of creating art has always been a massive part of her life. The human subject and all the extended character variables have been a neverending creative passion of hers.

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