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Naughty Number Plates:

Author: Steve Bedwell

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Naughty Number Plates is a hilarious look at personalised number plates that are banned for being too risque, explicit and downright dumb.

Personalised number plates are inspired by many factors. Many desire to stand out from the crowd, make a statement and reflect something of their owners' personalities. Others are just rude, crude and offensive, which is why they're rejected.

Enjoy the plates and the smart remarks by well known comedian Steve Bedwell. 

Steve Bedwell

Steve Bedwell
Comedy Writer,Television Host, a Radio Personality, Author, Producer

The Steve “Bedders” Bedwell Story Steve Bedwell is a comedy writer, television host, a radio personality, author, producer, ARIA nominated recording artist and comedian. Steve worked on radio at Melbourne Triple M from 1997- 2002, since 2002, he a is a regular panellist in talk-back at 3AW. In TV Steve was the Head Writer of Tonight Live With Steve Vizard, was a regular guest on the program.

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  • Laugh? I nearly cried

    Laugh? I nearly cried


    [WHO] Steve Bedwell - media figure and mental-health advocate. [WHAT] Using comedy to help the mentally unwell and to reduce stigma. [HOW] An expanding international program called Stand Up for Mental Health. There is a pivotal line in Steve Bedwell's stand-up comedy routine: "I was diagnosed with bipolar in 2007, which was a huge relief because up until that time I thought I was just a particularly moody arsehole." Bedwell has had a high-profile media career, including co-hosting Triple M's top-rating Melbourne breakfast show in the 1990s.

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