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Pain Management:
Learning to live with pain

Author: Renee Goossens

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UPDATE: May 2009 - Pain Management took 3rd Place at the International book awards "Living Now Book Awards" in America within the "Books for Better Living" category.

Pain Management is a unique book written by a patient herself a chronic pain sufferer for over four decades for patients. Renée Goossens recounts her battles with pain and her inspirational success in surviving pain.

This unique book aims to teach patients how to  

  • communicate with doctors simply, 
  • be assertive yet polite, 
  • seek a second opinion without damaging relationships with other treating practitioners, 
  • assess complementary therapies.

Written in plain language, Pain Management explains the effect of pain on the human nervous system. It provides medical and psychological strategies to enable patients to help themselves.

For those living with constant pain, the book acknowledges and clearly demonstrates how to cope with:  

  • Emotional pain
  • Depression
  • Grief and Loss
  • Maximise the quality of life

Pain Management provides up to date information, reference material and case histories on sensitive issues of Dementia Care, Neurological Diseases, the work of Carers, Respite Care, Children's Hospices, Caring for those with Life Limiting Illnesses, Death and Dying and Grief Counselling.

Pain Management will change how you understand and cope with Pain.


John Quintner MB BS FFPMANZCA.

Consultant Physician in Rheumatology and Pain Medicine, Pain Medicine Unit, Fremantle Hospital, WA

"This book makes a most insightful contribution to the world of pain. The author's concern for suffering humanity shines throughout the lucid text." 

Aaron McMillan, concert pianist, composer and cancer survivor 
"Having known Renée Goossens as a friend, her words of wisdom and practical advice have given me great comfort while dealing with long-term pain".

Renee Goossens

Renee Goossens
Medical Researcher, Teacher

Renée Goossens was educated in Australia, Italy, France and England. Trained as a teacher for children with special needs, she studied further in medical research at a leading children’s hospital specialising in neurological disorders. Since the age of 19, she worked with medical teams supporting families suffering from a variety of physical and emotional problems. At 21, a serious motor vehicle accident kept Renée in hospital for nearly two years. The day she was finally able to leave hospital, she was wheelchair-bound with a lively toddler to raise, Renée was determined to beat the odds and walk again.

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