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Patsy Bennett

Patsy Bennett is an astrologer, psychic medium and a journalist. Her daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly horoscopes are published in newspapers and magazines throughout Australia. Her author interviews are published in Nature & Health magazine where she also publishes a monthly astrology blog.

Born in New Zealand, Patsy relocated to the UK where, in the 1980s, she worked as a sub-editor and production editor for women’s and fashion magazines in the UK, including Woman’s Own. and ELLE (UK), and later became a reporter. Her articles have been published in newspapers and magazines including Take 5 and Practical Parenting.

Patsy studied astrology at the Faculty of Astrological Studies in London in the 1990s and, in 1998, relocated to Australia, where she worked as a reporter for local newspapers in the Northern NSW area and continued her practise as an astrologer.

Patsy has worked as a professional astrologer for nearly 20 years. She began reading palms and tarot at age 14, and experienced mediumistic insights as young as 12.

Patsy provides astrology and psychic readings in the NSW, where she also presents astrology and psychic development workshops.


  • Master of Arts degree in Romance Languages and Literature at the University of London; and taught French at the University of California, Berkeley.


  • Member of the Queensland Federation of Astrologers and the International Psychics Association.

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    Your Stars for the Year


    Join Patsy Bennett for her stars for the year on the couch for Studio 10.   For more information on her new good go to: https://www.rockpoolpublishing.com.au/astrology-secrets-of-the-moon

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  • Getting to know Patsy Bennett

    Getting to know Patsy Bennett


    We recently sat down with Patsy Bennett and asked where her love and interest in Astrology came from, and here is what she said. I was drawn to astrology when I was around 12 years old, as I wished to understand people better, largely because I often sensed people’s true selves were different to their personae; almost as if their personalities or outward projections of themselves were in some cases a chimera or a hologram that didn’t align with their true selves, like a ghost overlaying the core spiritual or soul-self.

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Stacey Demarco talks at Sydney Mechanics School of Arts
Sydney Mechanics School of Arts
280 Pitt St, Sydney NSW 2000
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