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Please Mum, Don't Supersize Me:
Keep your family trim and healthy

Author: Richard Marc and Joey Toutounji

Paperback $24.99 Out of Stock

Please Mum, Don't Supersize Me is an essential guide to a healthier, happier child. 
It's packed with clear, straightforward information about healthy living for all the family: 

  • the truth about puppy fat
  • how to find out if your child really is overweight 
  • how families can lose weight the safe way 
  • establishing healthy eating and exercise habits for life 
  • how to motivate and encourage your children 
  • setting achievable goals 
  • teaching your kids to enjoy eating healthy foods and being active.

Healthy children are happier children. As a parent, once you understand the fundamentals of good nutrition and physical exercise, you'll be able to guide your child to a healthy, happier life.

Don't fall into the trap don't supersize your child.

Richard Marc

Richard Marc
Personal Trainer, Author


Richard's area of expertise is very diverse in both the health and the business side of Marc Wellness International. His focus is on business growth for small to medium size businesses through online directories, marketing and business consulting for the health, wellness and fitness industry. Richard was the youngest qualified and registered personal trainer in Australia. At 18 years old he went on to be the owner of Australia's First Private Fitness Studio "Personal Best".

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Joey Toutounji

Joey Toutounji
Fitness Specialist, Author


Joey is a Fitness Specialist who has been in the health and wellness field for over 10 years. Her experience is extremely diverse. She holds two diplomas, a Bachelor of Physical Education and Bachelor of Education, is a Zumba Instructor and in 2011 is the host of Feel Good TV. Throughout the time Joey has been in the health and wellness industry she has worked with a variety of people in the community ranging from teaching children from the ages of three – 18 years old specializing in Personal Development, Health and Physical Education (primary/elementary, and secondary), Special Education and Dance.

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