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Queen of the Moon Oracle :

Author: Stacey Demarco and Kinga Britschgi

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For countless millennia, humans have connected to the mystical power of the moon and the energy of the seasons. For our ancient ancestors, the earliest veneration and sacred honouring was of the Moon, the seasons, the cycles of light and dark, hot and cold and fertility and rest, and this beautifully illustrated Queen of the Moon Oracle allows you, the modern seeker, to plug into these, the most primal energies of all.

Consult this oracle, based in ancient wisdom and receive the answers to your modern problems.

  • Features a full moon cycle of lunar images, each beautifully illustrated and able to be used as stunning circular altar displays.
  • Experience the seasonal moons and the power they can provide. 
  • Learn which moons are best timings for ritual, spellcraft and making talismans for prosperity, love, health and more.

This is the perfect companion to the author’s bestselling annual Lunar and Seasonal Diary and is for anyone who loves to sit or dance under a big silvery moon.

Stacey Demarco

Stacey Demarco
Spiritual practitioner, Metaphysicist, Witch and teacher


Stacey Demarco is an internationally respected spiritual practitioner, Metaphysicist, Witch and teacher who hails from Sydney, Australia. Her passion is to make practical magic accessible to everyone. Her down-to-earth yet scholastic spiritual style and her skill at weaving ancient techniques to solve modern problems, make her popular amongst clients and a regular contributor upon all things New Age across television, radio and other media. Once described by the Australian mainstream financial press as the Thinking Woman's Witch, she is the author of four previously successful books.

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Kinga Britschgi

Kinga Britschgi


Kinga Britschgi is an award winning Hungarian digital artist and illustrator who has lived with her American husband and son in the United States since August 1995. Apart from her wonderful family she has two big passions in life: art and linguistics (and teaching both). Although possessing a degree in fine art, she began her career as a language teacher and went on to gain a Masters in Bilingual Education. Kinga has been involved with digital art for many years, working with Photoshop and other Adobe products since 2002.

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    Queen of the Moon Oracle | Unboxing


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    The moon moves in cycles and circles and what better way to discover the power behind the phases than to turn to the cards and divine the future ahead. Sit down with ABUNDANT LIFE TAROT blog creator and psychic reader, Kim as she unboxes the latest Queen of the Moon Oracle by Stacey Demarco and unveils the power behind the secrets of the Moon and all her glory. For more information on Author Stacey Demarco, visit her at: www.themodernwitch.com  

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  • Queen of the Moon Oracle Review

    Queen of the Moon Oracle Review


    Hey there, Moonchild! Check out this beauty, the Queen of the Moon Oracle review from Maven Unmasked! A special treat for those who have this deck on pre-order, here is a VERY EXCITING SNEAK PEEK look at the cards before their October Au release. Written by Stacey Demarco, Australia's own The Modern Witch and illustrated by the uber talented Kinga Britschgi - prepare to be entralled with the primal and powerful energies of the sacred moon in all her forms and glory.

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