Rachel Cassidy at Dickson Library, ACT

Rachel Cassidy at Dickson Library, ACT

Dickson Library
Antill St, Dickson ACT 2602

Stalked: The Human Target is a detailed account of the effects of stalking. Rachel Cassidy, herself the target of a stalker, tells the stories of people who have been pursued by stalkers and the devastating effects on their lives. Sadly the current stalking statistics are 1.6 million women and 663.800 men in Australia are stalked in their lifetime.

Join Rachel Cassidy at the Dickson Library, ACT, as she shares the pivotal stories and truths about stalking and raises awareness of this important issue within the community.

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Friday October 18th

Location: Dickson Library
Antill Street Dickson, ACT 2602


Website: Stalked.com.au
Facebook: facebook.com/StalkedTheHumanTarget
Instagram: instagram.com/stalkedthehumantarget