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Self Love:
Finding peace and happiness

Author: Akal Pritam

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Self-Love provides practical ways to work with the seven main chakras and aura, the energy of the moon, the elements, the seasons, crystals, aromatherapy, mantras and mudras, the art of making love, healthy plant-based recipes, and cleansing and self-nurture practices.
Visually layered with dharma art, expressing the many layers of the complex divine feminine. This book offers a visual journey that is like the life of a woman and is an intricate tapestry of colour and beauty woven with love. The dharma art on each page presents visual, poetic and practical offerings to guide each reader as they immerse themselves in self-love, compassion, forgiveness and an expanded perspective.

Created intuitively from the author’s own truth and experiences, the words and visual messages in Self-Love speak empathetically to all, especially women, who will each return to the beauty and layers within the book, and glean new understandings and guidance. Self-loving is the best way to get up to speed with light and to attract these ‘love’ photons to embody positive change.

Akal Pritam

Akal Pritam
Dharma Artist


Akal Pritam's life as a dharma artist began in her early childhood When she created gifts of food, fragrances, messages and images for loved ones to bring love, joy and the Soul to light. In the early 80's, Akal worked for over a decade as a Fashion Art Director both in Australia and internationally. After starting a family, Akal worked mainly in the publishing industry, creating many unique books. At this time Akal began the study and practise of yoga, meditation, metaphysics and healing with whole foods.

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