Stacey Demarco at Chameleon, Gold Coast

Stacey Demarco at Chameleon, Gold Coast

Chameleon New Age Salon
3171 Surfers Paradise Blvd, Surfers Paradise QLD

Animal energy has been a part of our lives as humans since the beginning and it is time to deeply reconnect again.
Discover why animals have always been a part of our greater spiritual lives and why this is important now. Join Author and teacher, Stacey Demarco aty Chameleon New Age Salon for an exciting workshop on connecting to the sacred magick of Divine Animals.

- Find your animal guide through meditative and ritual techniques

- Learn how to get the most our of animal based oracle decks like "Divine Animals”

- Learn how to construct spells and rituals utilising both the divine energy of gods/goddesses as well as animals

- Includes a Divine Animals Deck, notes and magical herbs.

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