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The Human Target

Author: Rachel Cassidy

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Stalked: The Human Target is a detailed account of the effects of stalking, which is experienced by a shockingly high proportion of the population. Celebrities like David Letterman and Madonna are the highest profile targets of stalkers, but ordinary people are also targeted, harassed and bullied.

With the assistance of forensic psychologists who have worked with stalkers and their targets, and lawyers and police who have represented and protected the people pursued, the author explores the psychopathology of stalkers, surveys the laws that deal with stalking behaviours and looks at cyberstalking. In the final section, Rachel Cassidy discusses how to survive a stalker and build a new life of achievement and hope.

Stalked is a perceptive analysis of stalking from the inside – told by the targets, the stalkers, and the experts who deal with the havoc wreaked by the people who harass or persecute others with unwanted and obsessive attention.


Rachel Cassidy

Rachel Cassidy

Rachel Cassidy, Melbourne Rachel Cassidy has been involved in the not-for-profit sector for over 20 years, working with various causes for the health and wellbeing of women and children. She is the CEO of the 'Stop Stalking Now Foundation Ltd', which is established to provide public awareness and education to support victims across Australia who have been stalked, targeted or bullied. Rachel has received considerable support and recognition from the Australian government for her work in the not -for -profit sector.

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  • Book Review: STALKED by Rachel Cassidy

    Book Review: STALKED by Rachel Cassidy


    Stalked: The Human Target Only the rich and the famous are stalked! This is far from the truth! Rachel Cassidy CEO of the ‘Stop Stalking Now Foundation’, herself a victim of stalking, in her book “Stalked: The Human Target” dispels this belief; stalking is very prevalent and is experienced by a shockingly high proportion of the population. She not only relates the stories of celebrities like Dancing with the Stars judge Mark Wilson, but also those of ordinary people who have been targeted, harassed and bullied.

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