State of Origin: 30 Years 1980-2009

The Fine Line Between Winning and Losing

By: Liam Hauser


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Published: Apr/10 (AU/NZ)

2010 marks the 30th Anniversary of State of Origin Rugby League and to celebrate this occasion, journalist and avid State of Origin fan Liam Hauser has compiled State of Origin: 30 Years 1980-2009, after 10 years of research. 

Covering every game of each series in detail, the State of Origin: 30 Years 1980-2009 reflects on the triumphs, the pain, the controversies and the unexpected incidents that shape rugby league's greatest spectacle. Endorsed with full support of NSW and Queensland Rugby League, "State of Origin: 30 Years 1980-2009" includes blow-by-blow accounts of all of the key incidents that determine its complexion and outcome.

With over 250 pictures and all match statistics (with separate lists of results, teams, man of match, referees and venues), State of Origin: 30 Years 1980-2009. lluminates how fine the line is between success and failure. And with the threat of flying the winner's flag in the defeated's city, every move and every decision during all three games is of great importance and are outlined in great detailed in this must-have book.

State of Origin Football it's not just a game, it's a war of the states where usual teammates and friends become enemies as we pledge allegiance to the state of our origin.

Power, passion, blood, sweat and tears, the 30th Anniversary is nearing so it's time to reflect on games past and prepare for the 2010 clash. 

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ISBN: 9781921295386

Published: Apr/10 (AU/NZ)

Format: Hardback

Dimensions: 250 mm  x  200 mm

Extent: 280 pages

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About The Author

Liam Hauser

Liam Hauser


Liam Hauser is a newspaper journalist for the Tumut and Adelong Times in NSW and writes rugby league articles for the Gundagai Independent in winter. He loves State of Origin, he has been strongly influenced by sport, reading and writing for many years, particularly influenced by rugby league and cricket books and has lived nearly all his life in south-east Queensland, but now rural NSW. He has put his allegiances aside to write this book, having researched it for over 10 years, painstakingly watching video replay of every game and exploring closely the fine line between winning and losing in State of Origin, regardless of what the scoreboard says.

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