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The Bohemian Animal Tarot :

Author: Scott Alexander King and Sharon McLeod

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The Bohemian Animal Tarot offers a totally unique Tarot experience. Representing our archetypal aspects as part human and part animal, it explores the fundamental types of people and life situations entrenched in the collective psyche of all people.

The humanistic qualities of the Major Arcana may also symbolically represent our emotional and spiritual development from the newborn infant to adult, while the animalistic side could be said to mirror our inherent primordial strengths and weaknesses.

  • The card artwork blends 15th Century Tudor and Elizabethan-inspired costume styles with a classical late Baroque, Victorian and French them with a touch of the Romany Gypsy – a totally unique Tarot experience!
  • Beautiful illustrations by renowned artist, Sharon McLeod
  • A beautifully packaged unique Tarot set, a lifelong dream for both Author and Illustrator
  • Each card is gilded with gold and a rich deep burgundy box interior makes for a quality product
Scott Alexander King

Scott Alexander King

Scott Alexander King an author, mystic, psychic medium, public speaker, teacher and practitioner of Earth Medicine.Scott's unique ability to communicate with the animal spirit realm and the energies of the Earth began when he was just eight years old. As a child, Scott realised he could see animal spirits (not 'dead' pets, but the inherent power of animals that walk with us: the power that was once incorporated into tribal lore and labelled as 'totem' energy). Although Australian by birth, Scott looks to the animals from a global perspective: his knowledge is not limited to only the teachings of the Indigenous culture or Australian geography.

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Sharon McLeod

Sharon McLeod


Sharon Mcleod was born an artist. Deeply inspired by Nature, the goddess in her many forms and the existence of Faeries, Sharon’s great-grandmother taught her many of the old ways of the Anglo-Saxon Gypsy. With a bloodline that goes way back through Poland to the Romany Gypsies on her mother’s side, and to the McLeod’s mystical blood of the Faeries on her father’s, Sharon naturally loves ‘all things Gypsy’; from gypsy caravans, tarot cards, magicians, cupid dolls to the myriad of curious circus performers that many Gypsies became.

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  • Bohemian Animal Tarot Unboxing Video

    Bohemian Animal Tarot Unboxing Video


    Published on Jan 13, 2015 An unboxing and card flick through video of the Bohemian Animal Tarot For more information on the reviewer go to Ethony Dawn You Tube Channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDMfUy-7wAb6H_3_GiphPgw

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  • The Bohemian Animal Tarot Review

    The Bohemian Animal Tarot Review


    To watch more about Eagle In Flight Tarot go to her YOUTUBE CHANNEL

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  • The Bohemian Animal Tarot Review

    The Bohemian Animal Tarot Review


    Blending 15th century Tudor and Elizabethan-inspired costumes styles with a classical late Baroque, Victorian and French theme and a touch of Romany Gypsy, The Bohemiam Animal Tarot is a Tarot set that has never been seen before. Take a detour back in time with the animals from their kingdom…. The Bohemian Animal Tarot is a marvelously done tarot deck that features 80 cards.

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  • Bohemian Animal Tarot Reviews

    Bohemian Animal Tarot Reviews


    The Bohemian Animal Tarot is a curious and very pretty deck, with both the innocence and occasional artless brutality of a Grimm fairytale. The hybrid creatures depicted in this deck have human bodies and animal heads – somewhat reminiscent of Egyptian gods. The settings for this deck are quasi–historical, moving from the Tudor and Elizabethan era through Baroque, Victorian, French and even a little romanticised Romany Gypsy imagery. While there are no recurring characters and no easily identifiable storylines, the essence of this deck is pure Rider Waite Smith magic.

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