The Complete Tarot & Oracle Journal

By: Selena Moon


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Published: Nov/22 (AU/NZ), Sep/22 (US), Nov/22 (UK)

Keep this gorgeous journal alongside your collection of tarot and oracle card decks to unlock the secrets of your readings and awaken your psychic abilities.

The Ultimate Tarot & Oracle Journal is more than just a diary, it's a tool to jog your memory and give you greater insight into your subconscious mind. Using this journal will assist you in remembering and interpreting your readings with more accuracy and detail, and help you realise the messages being communicated to you.

A stunningly beautiful book with exquisite finishes, this product is designed specifically for the reader to easily keep a record of their card readings, and is completely compatible with all card decks.

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ISBN: 9781922579621

Published: Nov/22 (AU/NZ), Sep/22 (US), Nov/22 (UK)

Format: Hardback

Extent: 208 pages

About The Author

Selena Moon

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