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The Healthy Coconut:
Your complete guide to the ultimate superfood

Author: Jenni Madison

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The Healthy Coconut is a simple guide to incorporating the amazing benefits of coconut into your daily lifestyle. The Healthy Coconut features more than 100 whole food, plant-based and gluten-free recipes, bursting with coconut goodness and superfood nutrition. This book will show you how to use coconut, both internally and externally, to receive maximum health and beauty benefits, and toxin free-living.
Just one scoop of virgin coconut oil delivers a wide-range of healing properties. Produced in it’s most natural state, coconut oil will benefit you, your children and your pets. Whether you have chronic fatigue, weight problems, digestive or skin issues, or just want to give your body a good cleanse and boost your energy, this book is your one-stop coconut bible!

  • More than 100 whole food, plant-based and gluten-free recipes, bursting with coconut goodness and superfood nutrition
  • Australian author well known within the health industry, expert in the field on coconut products and their benefits
  • unique book on the holistic superfood uses of coconuts extending past the well known benefits of coconut oil through to recipes, body care and beauty.
Jenni Madison

Jenni Madison
Health Entrepreneur


Jenni Madison is the founder and managing director of fair-trade company Coconut Magic. She adopted The Healthy Coconut lifestyle after personally discovering the amazing health benefits of coconut oil while living and working in Thailand in 2010. She is a regular media contributor and a speaker at health and wellness events across the country. She has amassed a significant social media following of more than 120,000 engaged fans.

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Recent news about The Healthy Coconut

  • The health benefits of Coconut Oil

    The health benefits of Coconut Oil


    Coconut oil has a multitude of health benefits some of which include skin care, hair care, improved digestion and immunity. For much of my teenage and adult life I experienced poor digestion, compromised immunity and skin sensitivities such as eczema and dermatitis. These conditions were particularly bad during times of stress. Since using coconut oil and adopting The Healthy Coconut lifestyle, my stomach is flat and my skin is smooth. Coconut oil is one of the few foods that can be classified a superfood.

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  • Is Coconut Oil the only health and beauty product you need?

    Is Coconut Oil the only health and beauty product you need?


    For businesswoman and author, Jenni Madison, from New South Wales, the magical powers of coconut have a very personal meaning. When she found herself extremely sick during a trip to Thailand in 2010, she tried coconut oil and started to get better. Following this surprising discovery, Jenni went on to start her own business Coconut Magic, selling puret coconut oil, and release a book about the varied uses for the versatile product. When Ms Madison re-located to Thailand in 2010 and developed a chronic digestive ailment, the doctors were confused.

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  • Small publisher spotlight: Rockpool Publishing

    Small publisher spotlight: Rockpool Publishing


    Sydney-based Rockpool Publishing was established in 2006 and specialises in health, recreation and family titles. Publishing director Lisa Hanrahan spoke to Books+Publishing for our ‘small publisher spotlight’ series: Describe your company in under 50 words. Rockpool Publishing is an independent family-owned publisher that focuses on Australian sport and recreation; mind body spirit; and family, health and wellness. This July we are turning 10 years and are very proud to have grown each year within an ever-changing publishing industry.

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